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Levitt Amp Music Series hits the stage in Letcher County

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WHITESBURG, Ky. (WYMT) – The seventh of ten Levitt Amp Music Series shows kicked off on Thursday, July 14 with a farmers market, local musicians and a headlining act bringing together hundreds of people.

“We want everyone to be here and have fun and be in tune together,” said Steve Ruth, producer of Whitesburg Levitt Amp Music Series. “To come together as a community and appreciate and learn from each other and get to know each other.”

Levitt Amp offers 10 free concerts in Whitesburg each summer and Ruth says one of its missions is to ensure local talent shares the spotlight with touring musicians.

“It’s amazing the number of incredible musicians from this area,” said Ruth. “My favorite line for the Levitt folks is ‘You can’t swing a cat in Whitesburg without hitting a banjo player backwards.'” We’re overwhelmed with great musicianship in this area.

July 14 headliner La’Shelle Allen, better known as ‘Sistah LaLa’, says music is a powerful tool to heal the body, mind and soul and is a kind of “spiritual medicine”.

“I love that people use music as a ministry because music has so many healing properties, we use music all the time in our lives to help us through situations,” Allen said. “You can just sit back, relax and enjoy the fresh air, the community and the music on top of that. I mean, it’s a good dose of medicine.

Ruth said there were three more chances to come see a free show at the Mountain Heritage Stage in downtown Whitesburg and experience the Levitt Foundation website for more information.

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