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ZHU Welcomes You to ‘Dreamland’ in Amazon Music’s New Documentary: Dancing Astronaut

In many ways, ZHU’s rise was different from many others who achieved superstar popularity in the dance space. By emphasizing fashion in its aesthetic, ZHU has given a new definition to what it means to be a dance music artist and brand. In his new Amazon Music documentary, Welcome to dreamlandthe multi-faceted producer walks fans through his artistic vision and how he planned to make a splash with his latest project.

Welcome to dreamland begins by introducing the COVID-19 pandemic. ZHU details how staying cooped up inside has affected him, pushing his plans for shows and leaving him alone in his house like everyone else. He opened the documentary by admitting,

“When COVID hit, I never thought concerts could be canceled like this. I almost forgot a bit about this feeling, this rush, this calm.

But live music was able to return. And ZHU sold out six shows at Red Rocks as soon as he did – a record for the venue. The enigmatic beatsmith explained that as soon as restrictions were lifted, he was determined to move on and go somewhere. He has performed live broadcasts around the world, creating elaborate, neon-adorned sets polished by his dark, fashionable aesthetic. The documentary also sees ZHU explain why he chose to be a more mysterious figure in the dance scene before revealing his identity, hoping he could focus more on the music than his own backstory.

ZHU released single “Z-train” earlier this summer, the track was first teased when it was locked aboard a moving train that smashed its way through Montana. The artist sat down with dancing astronaut in October 2020, expressing its desire to deliver cutting-edge livestreams that push artistic boundaries. “Creativity comes from circumstantial things,” he explained.

Now, with a feature-length documentary supported by Amazon Music, ZHU’s nearly unrivaled talent for creativity is on full display in Welcome to dreamland. Look below.

Featured Image: Jeff Kravitz

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