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Yet another musical documentary in the works, this time about Jerry Garcia »LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

Songwriter, guitarist, singer and late Grateful Dead frontman Jerry Garcia will be the subject of a new documentary. Among the executive producers of the film will be Jerry Garcia Family LLC, and as reported by Deadline, the film will be directed by longtime Jerry Garcia collaborator Justin Kreutzmann (Let there be drums!).

Kreutzmann said, “It will be a great honor that Trixie and the Garcia family have put the same faith in me to tell Jerry’s story. When people ask me what I miss most about his absence, I think he’s just missing Jerry, the person.

“People like him don’t come very often. It’s my dream to capture the feeling you had when you hung out with Jerry and listened to him play music. A lot of people have told the world what they think of Jerry, but I want to show what Jerry thinks of the world.

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As Deadline notes, the film “will open for the very first time the personal archives of Jerry Garcia, the documentary will be an intimate look and the definitive story of the man, the father, the artist, the husband, the musician. , of the friend and of a guiding soul and co-founder of the Grateful Dead. years with Garcia.