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Why didn’t Girls’ Generation have an ending fairy? First Music Show Performances in 5 Years Go Viral

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: Promotions for Girls’ Generation’s music shows were initially canceled as Seohyun ended up catching Covid-19. Instead of promoting with only seven members, the group decided to wait and it seems worth it. Now we have all eight members performing on music shows together for the first time and all of them are going viral. K-pop Twitter practically erupted when Girls’ Generation aka SNSD dropped “Forever 1” on “Music Bank.”

And while the SONEs (Girls’ Generation fans) were gearing up for their next performance, they still couldn’t get over how easily the girls performed “Forever 1” together despite the 5-year hiatus. On August 20, their second musical performance on ‘Show! Music Core’ also went viral. But fans took a pattern as there hasn’t been an ending fairy for the musical show stages yet. And it seems to be Girls’ Generation who asked for an end plan.

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Girls’ Generation requests a group photo

“Ending Fairy” is a trend in K-pop music shows where, after the performance ends, the camera rests on one or two members before ending the scene. These members are called ending fairies because they gaze at the camera with charisma or strike light poses. It became a staple after 2016 when DIA’s Chaeyeon went viral after the camera landed on her at the end of her performance. And with Girls’ Generation on hiatus in 2017, they haven’t often had a chance to partake in this trend. Their last comeback was “Holiday” in 2017.

Well, after the “Music Bank” performance of “Forever 1”, Yuri tuned into Bubble and shared that the group ending plan was their idea. She said, ” You liked it ? How did you find the ending fairy group shot? We asked for it. We asked them to take a group photo instead of an SNSD is jjang ending fairy! SONE-ah!”


” It’s different “

Sooyoung went viral not only for her return to K-pop 5 years later, but also for the hairstyle she unwittingly pulled, “The way Sooyoung’s hair danced as hard as SNSD.” Another SONE posted, “Taeyeon knows what she is doing.” One fan tweeted, “Seohyun feels like my god she is gorgeous! this might be my favorite fancam of her. Another SONE added, “NO BOYS WATCH THE WAY YURI AND SUNNY SMILES INSTANTLY IF GREAT WHEN THEY FACING EACH OTHER, I AM BROKEN.” One fan wrote, “Yoona’s giggle and she sticks her tongue out at the end…a double kill.”



Another shared, “Idol tiffany hits different…” One SONE commented, “Love hyoyeon girls we are so online.” Another replied: “SNSD performing on a music show made me realize no one is really on their level. It’s their first stage for #Forever1 but I feel like they’ve got it already played my spooky captions 100 times. One fan said: “Music bank said no individual ending fairy has 8 visuals!” Another joked: “SNSD really said if you want a individual ending fairy, check her out on our fancams.” One added, “SNSD is ending music bank and fairy music core.”


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