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Weathered Ground Brewery continues to support local talent with Live Music Series

GHENT, WV (LOOTPRESS) – Since opening in 2017, Weathered Ground Brewery’s (WGB) mission statement has been to incorporate as much local talent as possible, from the brewing process to sourcing local ingredients, passing by the local food trucks. Today, the brewery pursues this goal with its live music series.

Aryn Fonda, co-owner of WGB, explains that the live music series is an attempt to book local musicians every Friday and Saturday – and one Sunday a month – for the whole year. Past performances have included Shawn Benfield, Matt Kiser, Matt Mullins, Chet Lowther, Colby Elswick and other well-known locals.

The brewery has already booked talent through April and Fonda says she hopes to be booked all summer soon.

“Since the day we opened, we have tried to book as many local artists as possible,” she explained. “That’s how we grow up.”

Fonda, a West Virginia native who moved to North Carolina to return to The Mountain State in 2016, says when WGB opened, it was designed to be a gathering place for the community.

“It involves sourcing locally: music, art, whatever we can get our hands on,” she shared, adding that none of this would be possible without the support of their patrons.

“From day one, the community has supported us in everything we have done here. On opening weekend, we were blown away by the people who showed up and continue to show up. We have been very lucky with the number of people who have always supported us, and we want to share that. We want people to succeed here, and we want people to stay here and if they can be here and get attention, that’s who we are.

WGB is always on the lookout for local talent to showcase during the Live Music Series. Learn more about

The Live Music Series schedule is as follows:


  • 2/18Grace Campbell
  • 2/19Chris Hopson
  • 2/25 Je’Dah Madison
  • 2/26 Nick Durm and Jean Hanna Davis
  • 2/27 Matt Mullins (3 p.m.)


  • 3/4 Lily Comer
  • 3/5 Bigdumbhick
  • 3/6 Will Jones (3 p.m.)
  • 3/11 Jonah Carden
  • 3/12 Bo Mc$
  • 3/18 Jeff Ellis
  • 3/19 Matt Mullins & The Bring Downs
  • 3/25Ken Kruger and Anne McDonnell
  • 3/26Jim Snyder


  • 4/1 Matt Deal and Bill Fraley

  • 4/3 Johnny Spolarich (3 p.m.)

  • 4/8 Whiskey & Wine

  • 4/9 Chad Cox

  • 4/15 Biélock Hunter

  • 4/16 Emily Grace

  • 4/22 Noah Spencer

  • 4/23 Blacking Charcoal

  • 4/27 John Hanna Davis

  • 4/30Jeffrey Wayne