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[WATCH] The Weeknd’s Apple Music documentary series “Another You”

Clearly, a lot has been on The Weeknd’s mind over the past year: his surprise new EP, My dear melancholy, packs a lot of emotion into six songs, presumably drawn from his personal experience, like the time he may have almost given Selena Gomez a kidney. On top of that, he’s now gearing up to perform at Coachella (his set comes down to the main stage later tonight), and it’s that process that’s chronicled in the first episode of another youa new documentary series from Apple Music.

The Weeknd is teaming up with the streaming service to release the four-part “documentary,” and the first two parts (which are a few minutes long each) are now live exclusively for Apple Music subscribers. The final two episodes are slated to air next week, and the series promises to give fans “an unfiltered portrait of this enigmatic modern icon during the crazy month leading up to what promises to be a showpiece Coachella performance.”

The series begins with the surprise release of My dear melancholy, and from there, he must follow her rehearsals, then accompany her on the day of the festival. Find the series here, and non-subscribers can get a very brief look at it via a short teaser video above.