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THROWBACK: When MONSTA X admitted they were “nervous” for their musical performances

We go back to November 2017, when MONSTA X announced the end of its first week of musical performances, in a conversation with Ilgan Sports the group also discussed their comeback. Jooheon said, “We made a comeback after completing our first world tour. As it was the first comeback after the world tour, we felt particularly nervous. I think it was because we knew the fans that we had met in all of these countries were watching us.

Shownu said, “We’re more nervous for music shows in particular. We’re more used to the performance scene in some ways, but as these air we got a little nervous. Speaking about their album, “The Code,” the members chose Minhyuk and Wonho as “key points,” saying, “Minhyuk is in charge of the important introduction. The most important dance part belongs to Wonho. The dance teacher said their posture was the best.

“I worked hard on my diet,” Wonho said in return. “I reduced the amount I ate and exercised a lot. I didn’t eat a lot of carbs and I ate protein. I worked hard to maintain my body but I wish I could perform in the show-con. (Wonho was away due to health issues, but returned later for music performances.) Minhyuk added, “Wonho and I were part of the ‘late night snack family’ but I felt a bit sad that he can “I don’t eat with me because of his diet.

Finally, MONSTA X opened up about their futuristic time travel concept music video for “Dramarama”. Of the scene where Jooheon’s car rolled over, he said, “The car actually circled around me as I was driving. It’s not CGI. If you watch the MV carefully, some parts of my face are definitely sunk. I tried to act realistically.

Jooheon chose Hyungwon as the best actor in the clip, saying, “The ability to time travel is a fantastic super power, but it looked especially good because [Hyungwon] wore a suit. To play is to play, but his visuals were also excellent.

Kihyun said, “I also have a lot of self-confidence to act. If the opportunity arises, I would like to try a drama. But I was a little embarrassed during the filming of the clip. When the time lag set in. was produced, I was the only one doing these movements as if the weather was changing.

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