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The Source |[WATCH] Horse ‘El Caballo’ Wren’s 2AMBITIOUS.COM Music Documentary

If you are not sure who Horse Wren is or his alias “El Caballo”. Most people are instantly familiar with his self-founded brand in 2007 called Street Fame or even Street Famous, to name a few of his media ventures.

The official addition of enhanced movie producer credits to the media credentials of famous Horse journalists is solidified. His incredible docuseries called features the biggest names in the music industry giving once-in-a-lifetime music career advice.

I’m talking about major record company executives from Roc Nation, Def Jam, Eone music, Epic records, Atlantic records and the list keeps growing with each series debut.

“Smashing success at independent film festivals around the world was paramount to my film!” – said Horse Wren

Showing that it had a point to prove since becoming the first film based solely on celebrity interviews. Being the first to do something in the music or film industry is quite a legacy felt by Horse Wren.

Doing celebrity interviews is nothing new, however, taking advantage of these celebrity interviews is what Horse has done to perfection and it’s all captured on film.

As well as putting a name to the next generation of “RM” generation for the Rap music generation. “Many of the questions answered will be like a beacon of hope for new artists to follow for 300 years or more in this 3-part documentary series.” “We are currently working with Andrea, owner of Andrea’s Talent Management and her ATM team, a powerhouse talent agency, to help promote my next set of projects.” – stated by Horse Wren

You can see the trailers and the film from below.

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