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The “Playful Music” series in Rochester NY is sensitive to the senses

Fivebyfive, a Rochester-based musical ensemble, have teamed up with the Strong Museum and the Rochester Public Library to present their “Playful Music” series to the public.

Three of the four short performances will be sensory and designed for audiences with particular sensory, developmental or physical needs, the organization said in a statement.

Everyone processes information from their five senses in different ways.

For a neurotypical person, or someone who does not exhibit neurologically atypical thought patterns or behavior, a room with discussion, loud music, bright lights, and various smells can be boring, but it is not. ultimately not a big problem.

For a person with neurodiverse, or someone who is hypersensitive to changes in the senses, this same parameter can cause sensory overload, leading to outbursts of anger, anxiety, panic, or even pain. The amount of sensory information they receive is too great and the person is unable to respond to it.

Sense-sensitive environments are those in which neurodiverse people have manageable degrees of sensory stimuli, allowing them to function in a setting – with others – without being alienated to process things differently.

“Sensory performances are an opportunity for everyone – especially people on the spectrum – to enjoy the fun and beauty of a musical event,” Mary Brzustowicz, Family Navigator at AutismUp, said in a statement. “Expressive music helps people connect with emotions that can be difficult to communicate, and these concerts fill and soothe the senses while creating an unforgettable experience.”

Neurodiverse children and neurotypical children can enjoy the “Play Music” series, in which play, wonder and entertainment will be centered in a sense-sensitive environment, for these specific shows.

Composers Shannon Sea, Logan Rutledge, Olivia Kieffer and Emer Kinsella took inspiration from the National Toy Hall of Game classics, skateboarding, bubbles, puppets, super dipping and blanket, for their new music.

Sea, a Berlin-based composer, knows firsthand how important puppets and imagination are to children. Raised an only child, in a statement, Sea said she created fictional characters using puppets made of socks and animated with shadows for entertainment as a child.

“Fun music” show program:

At Saturday 6 November, there will be a general public show at midday and a sensory show at 1:00 p.m. at Strong Museum Paychex Theater, 1 Manhattan Square Drive, Rochester. The performance is free with admission to the museum.

At Saturday 13 November, at midday there will be a sensory performance at the Rochester Public Library Arnett Branch, 310, boulevard Arnett, Rochester. This free-entry sensory show is the only one at the agency on this day.

At Saturday 13 November, at 2 p.m., there will be a sensory show at Rochester and County Monroe Central Library, 115 South Avenue, Rochester. This free-entry sensory show is the only one at this location on this day.

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