Music series

The musical series aims to warm the community

The KDLL public radio team is running a series of free movies throughout the month of January with the aim of promoting music and conviviality this winter.

Jenny Neyman, CEO of KDLL, said the BBC’s “Story of Music” mini-series by Howard Goodall complements the station’s mission.

“Appreciating music is definitely part of our mission on public radio,” she said. “It’s informative, but also fun, and it seemed like a nice service to give to the community on a dark and cold day.”

David Rigall, a volunteer at KDLL and the main organizer of the film miniseries event, said it was important to be able to come together.

“We can sit alone in our cabins and watch YouTube all day; which has great potential. It’s a remarkable resource and I love it, ”said Rigall. “But doing this all winter can get really tiring.”

He said the idea is for people who appreciate the history of music to get together and chat. The miniseries itself, Rigall said, chronicles Western music from prehistoric times to the present day.

“It’s a remarkable story in music,” he said. “It starts with bone flutes in Neolithic caves in France and ends with Lady Gaga.”

The first two episodes aired this Saturday. There will be two more episodes each airing on January 15 and January 22 at 2 p.m. in the Community Hall of the Soldotna Public Library.

Admission is free and light refreshments will be provided. Neyman also said interested customers can donate to KDLL during screenings.

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