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The musical documentary “Fandango at the Wall” will premiere on HBO

Musical documentary “Fandango at the Wall”, recounting an extraordinary journey undertaken by musician Arturo O’Farrill and producer Kabir Sehgal – both multiple Grammy winners – to Veracruz, Mexico, to recruit master musicians for a Live album recording on the US-Mexico border wall, is scheduled to air on HBO on September 25. HBO Latino and HBO Max will also air the film.

A co-production between Tiger Turn Productions and Sony Music Latin, the feature documentary was directed by Varda Bar-Kar and produced by Quincy Jones, Andrew Young and Carlos Santana. It is a fitting reminder of how diplomatic relations between the United States and Mexico have deteriorated due to President Trump’s rhetoric and his efforts to build a border wall separating neighboring countries.

The bond of music unites citizens of Mexico and those of Mexican descent who have kept alive the sounds and traditions of son jarocho, a 300-year-old form of folk play that combines indigenous Spanish and African melodies and rhythms. The annual “Fandango Fronterizo” music festival serves as the heart and beat of the film, featuring festival founder Jorge Francisco Castillo, whom he invites Sehgal and O’Farrill to Veracruz, Mexico, to meet the masters of son jarocho.

The team travels through the scenic Veracruz countryside in an attempt to find musicians to join them at the upcoming border festival. Featuring players on both sides of the border wall between the United States and Mexico, the rally is as much a celebration of friendship and unity as it is a showcase of musical talent. The film presents remarkable and dynamic music that mixes the quintessential son jarocho songs with lush big band jazz arrangements.

“I appreciate HBO’s commitment to providing a platform for diverse filmmakers who tell compelling stories with authenticity, artistry and layered sense,” said Bar-Kar. “I am grateful that our cross-cultural collaboration that celebrates the richness of diversity joins the ranks of HBO’s magnificent programming.”

Leslie Cohen, senior vice president of content acquisitions at HBO and HBO Max, added Leslie Cohen, “We are delighted to present this exceptional and heartwarming film, which explores the US-Mexico relationship through beautiful Mexican folk music. We believe the film’s meaningful story and its magical music will resonate deeply with our audiences. “Fandango at the Wall” is an essential addition to our programming. “

Doug Davis is also a producer on “Fandango”. The music industry lawyer has plenty of screen credits, most notably as the EP of “Aretha!” A Grammy celebration for the queen of soul. In February, Davis won a Grammy for his work on the 2018 big band’s album American Dreamers (Voices of Hope, Music of Freedom), which highlighted 53 DACA recipients from 17 states and 17 home countries who have become musical prodigies. The album won awards for best jazz ensemble album, best improvised jazz solo (“Don’t Fence Me In”) and best arrangement, instrumental or a cappella (“Stars and Stripes Forever”).

“We are delighted to partner with HBO, which has long demonstrated its commitment to documentary makers like us who make socially conscious films that explore important issues like immigration and identity,” said Davis.

Sehgal added, “Our film shows how the border can become a place of friendship and friendship by harnessing the power of Afro-Mexican music known as son jarocho. I have been making music for decades and have never experienced such an enveloping and transformative art form.

Among those appearing in “Fandango at the Wall” are son jarocho the legends Andrés Vega, Martha Vega, Ramón Gutiérrez, Wendy Cao Romero, Tacho Utrera, Fernando Guadarrama and Patricio Hidalgo. The project is accompanied by a book and an album of the same title published by Hachette and Resilience Music Alliance.

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