Music series

The Live Music series returns for a second show this semester

On Monday, February 28, 2022, the live music series returns for the second show of the semester with Devilish Merry.

The group will perform live in the RMU-TV studio at 7:00 p.m. on February 28. There will be a studio audience for the performance. If you choose to attend, you must be at the Patrick Henry Academic Media Center by 6:30 p.m. All students in attendance have the opportunity to receive SET credits.

Featured group, Devilish Merry, is a traditional music ensemble that mixes Appalachian and Irish melodies with powerful songs based on ballads about American history and heritage. It’s a lively mix of old fiddle tunes, Irish jigs and reels, Pennsylvania folk and working ballads, and gripping new songs drawn from the musicians’ life experiences.

Musicians include Burr Beard (hammered dulcimer), Jan Hamilton (fiddle), Sue Powers (banjo), LE McCullough (flute, tin-whistle, harmonic bones), Jeff Berman (fretted dulcimer, dumbek, bodhran and auxiliary percussion).

This is the second installment in the Live Music series, with the first airing on February 7 and featuring trio band Big Blitz. Big Blitz is a Pittsburgh-based band trio that included saxophones, synths, and percussion.

The live music series can also be found on RMU-TV Comcast Channel 98 and RMU Sentry Media’s Instagram (@rmusentrymedia), Facebook (RMU Sentry Media), and YouTube (RMU-TV) social media channels.

The Live Music series is produced by the students of the Cinema Capstone class, in collaboration with the Advanced Typography class and RMU-TV. The program is supported by the SIHSS, the Art & Humanities department and the Academic Media Center.