Music series

The latest episodes of the music series RefleXions will air on KUAF Thursday and Friday

Alejandra Rubio

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – RefleXions musical seriesa project funded by the University of Arkansas Chancellor’s Grant for the Humanities and Performing Arts Initiative, and sponsored by the Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, the Department of Music, KUAF 91.3 Public Radio, and the Women’s Giving Circle, announces the release of the third and fourth episodes of the RefleXions podcast.

The Conversation with RefleXions featuring three distinguished guests on the social impact of the arts in peacebuilding, reconciliation and healing processes, will premiere at noon on Thursday and Friday, December 16 and 17, during Ozarks in general on KUAF, 91.3. The three guests, musicians, artists and activists are:

  • Cesar Lopez, musician, composer, activist, messenger of non-violence of the United Nations and emissary of conscience of Amnesty International, and creator of the Escopetarra.
  • Ana Baervideo choreographer and dance teacher at Texas State University.
  • Luis Fernando RestrepoUniversity professor and director of the Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies program at the U of A, and member of the Scholars at Risk committee.

“Building on the work of Antoinette Grajeda on the first two episodes of the podcast, episodes three and four expand on how art and creation can facilitate reconciliation and healing, collectively and personally,” said Leigh. Wood, managing director of KUAF and producer of the podcast.

Featuring podcast hosts Lia Uribe, associate chair of the U of A’s music department, and Leigh Wood, executive director of KUAF, the conversation is led by Erika Almenara, assistant professor in the Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures ; and Rogelio Garcia Contreras of the Sam M. Walton College of Business and Director of Social Innovation at Arkansas Global Changemakers.

“Hearing Cesar, Ana and Luis talk about all the social injustices and dangerous political climates that have created some of the most beautiful and powerful art changes the way I think about playing music. Given the context, the story and individual situations with each piece of music written can change the way music is performed and allows us to bring new, exciting and profound messages to a wider audience,” said Eric Troiano, music teacher.

This podcast is part of the third season of RefleXions Music Series which began with a panel discussion in November at the Honors College Lounge. Programming will continue in the spring semester with an Honors Faculty Club concert/panel featuring saxophonist Connie Frigo, and later in the semester with the release of “Collective Grief”, a public art installation/concert and a collaborative effort between Lopez and Baer, ​​University of Arkansas students and faculty, and the Northwest Arkansas community.

The RefleXions team is a collective of Northwest Arkansas individuals from diverse backgrounds who bring unique perspectives and a commitment to the highest standards of scholarship, research, and aesthetic diversity in the arts. The RefleXions team is formed by professors from the Department of Music Helen Becque, Ronda Mains, Catalina Ortega, Eric Troiano and Lia Uribe, Erika Almenara from the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures of the World, Rogelio Garcia-Contreras from the Walton College of Business , and Leigh Wood of KUAF 91.3. The music for the RefleXions podcast was composed by Fernando Valencia, Professor in the Department of Music.

RefleXions Music Series was awarded the Women Giving Circle Fellowship in 2021 and most recently the 2021 Artists 360 Community Activator Fellowship. RefleXions has worked with support from U of A’s Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Music, Honors College, and KUAF 91.3, and has collaborated with artistic leaders from the Walton Arts Center, CACHE, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, IDEALS Institute, Northwest Arkansas Council and Might-T-By-Design, and has previously presented virtual residencies featuring Let’s sing for hope in 2020 and Imani winds in 2021.

More information and where to see the works mentioned in the podcast: