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The fourth generation girl group’s music show wins

Fourth generation girl groups in the k-pop scene have absolutely dominated the charts in 2022. This has truly become the era of girl groups as the presence of fourth generation girl groups is more impactful than ever. These bands all debuted within the past three years, but they are making history and recording many different looks, foreshadowing a bright future.

Today we are going to be looking at the music show wins of these girl groups. Victories in music shows have become considerably harder to come by with increasing competition and the wide spectrum of music in general. But despite these challenges, these girl groups are finding ways to easily reach #1s, and that’s something to note for them.

So today, let’s take a look at each fourth-generation girl group and see their impact on the K-POP scene today, and see how many #1s they’ve managed to achieve!

aespa – Five Song Promotions

11 wins; 6 KBS/SBS/MBC wins

STAYC – Five Song Promotions

11 wins; 2 KBS/SBS/MBC wins

IVE – Three Song Promotions

26 wins; 17 KBS/SBS/MBC wins

Kep1er – 2 Song Promotions

4 wins; 2 KBS/SBS/MBC wins

LE SERRAFIM – Promotion 1 Song

4 wins; 1 KBS/SBS/MBC wins

NMIXX – Promotion 1 song

0 wins

NewJeans – Promotion 1 Song

5 wins; 4 KBS/SBS/MBC wins

It is important to note that in Korean music culture, KBS/MBC/SBS wins are considered more valuable because they are the top three mainstream music shows in the country. Although M! The countdown has made a significant presence, for some reason – it’s still not as valuable as a music bank, Show! Music Core or SBS Popular Song win.

Without a doubt, these groups are going to be able to offer much more on the road. With groups like IVE already racking up 26 wins in less than a year, that’s a huge feat, and it goes to show that girl groups are definitely not to be despised. Are you excited for the future of fourth generation girl groups? Which band are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below.