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Taylor Swift releases musical film Bejeweled with Laura Dern, HAIM – The Hollywood Reporter

Taylor Swift unveiled the next visual of his song Bejeweled of his news Midnights album.

In what Swift describes as a “musical film”, released to coincide with her new tenth studio albumthe singer revisits the fairy tale of Cinderella, in which Laura DernHAIM, longtime Swift collaborator Jack Antonoff, Dita Von Teese and Pat McGrath star alongside her in the visual.

The musical, which Swift wrote and directed, opens with Swift’s “House Wench Taylor” mopping the floor – with an instrumental of her song “Enchanted” playing in the background – as she listens to her half- sisters (HAIM) and “mother-in-law” (Dern) discuss how whoever wins the talent show will get the keys to their own castle and a marriage proposal from the prince.

“Oh, I just love a proposal. The most defining thing a woman can hope to accomplish in her lifetime,” Dern says.

After her stepsisters started making fun of Swift for not being able to go, the singer said, “Do you honestly have to do this whole verbal abuse thing every time you leave the house?” to which Dern refers: “Don’t talk, you tired clingy girl. To clean!”

“The prince would never have anything to do with that little prostitute again. He got tired of her pretty quick, didn’t he? Or should I say, quick?” Dern jokes as he lets Swift thank her for reciting a joke that “never gets old”.

After they leave, Swift’s time in exile ends with her being transported to magical floors as she transforms amid sparkling jewels, at one point performing alongside Dita Von Teese in giant cocktail glasses. After Swift wins the talent contest, it is revealed that she “ghosted” the prince (played by Antonoff) but kept the castle for herself.

When announcing premiering “Bejeweled,” Swift told fans the “wild” and “whimsical” film was created specifically for “the beloved fans who blazed this glittering path.”

“Midnight, what a legendary and legendary hour… On this sparkling evening, I will give my version of a fairy tale that we all know. The one about the girl and her stepsisters and the clock striking 12,” Swift wrote on social media.

In “Bejeweled,” which Swift co-wrote with Antonoff, the Grammy winner sings about feeling underappreciated in a relationship. “Better believe that I am always adorned with jewels; when I walk around the room, I can still make the whole place sparkle,” Swift sings. “And when I meet the group, they ask me: ‘Do you have a man? I could still say, ‘I don’t remember.’

In a teaser released during Thursday Night Football on Prime Video, Swift revealed that Midnights would be accompanied by the visuals of the album. For upcoming videos, Swift has collaborated with cinematographer Rina Yang, who she previously worked with on the 10-minute film “All Too Well.” short film.

The visual “Bejeweled” marks the second musical film of the Midnights sequel album release of “Anti-Heroes”.

Following its release on October 21, Spotify announced this Swift Midnights is officially the most streamed album in a single day in the history of the platform. Apple Music has announced that Swift has also broken the all-time record for biggest album released. in spatial audio and broken the record for the biggest pop album of day one streams.

the original 13 track album was accompanied by a 3am edition which was released a few hours after the album’s release, with seven additional songs added to the track listing. For the Midnights album, Swift worked with longtime collaborator Jack Antonoff, with William Bowery also credited as songwriter for the track “Sweet Nothing.” Swift has since revealed that the mysterious songwriter is her boyfriend, actor Joe Alwyn.

Others credited on the album include Mark A. Spears, Keanu Torres, Jahaan Sweet and Sam Dew. Zoë Kravitz is credited as songwriter for “Lavender Haze” and Swift’s Folklore and Still collaborator, Aaron Dessner of The National, co-wrote and co-produced three of the seven bonus tracks on the 3am edition.