Music series

Succession’s Nicholas Braun is developing the first music series for the road at HBO

Braun showed he was capable of playing sad characters; When we first meet Cousin Greg in “Succession,” he’s a management trainee, dressing up as a corporate mascot, and later vomiting inside the suit. In the movie “Zola,” Braun appeared as Derrek, the unhappy boyfriend of Riley Keough’s exotic dancer Stefani.

Variety only states that Braun co-wrote and co-produced “One for the Road,” but even if he doesn’t end up starring in it, his past work on projects like these at least shows he has a a firm grip on the mentality of characters who are unlucky. “One for the Road” being an HBO project, this will also keep it in-house on the same network as “Succession” and theoretically make it easier to plan the production of the two shows around each other and ensure that they do not not interfere. with each other.

For his part, Buongiorno has written and directed several video shorts and served as assistant to director Jon Watts on his first three feature films, “Clown”, “Cop Car” and “Spider-Man: Homecoming”. His role in Sony and Marvel Studios’ recent “Spider-Man” film trilogy was upgraded to associate producer on “Far from Home” and full co-producer on “No Way Home,” so perhaps being that billion-dollar success of that last film opened new doors for him in Hollywood.

“One for the Road” is still in the early stages of development and doesn’t have a release yet, but we’ll keep you posted.