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Steven Tyler to star in Reelz’s new musical series, “Frontmen”

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Steven Tyler (right) with Aerosmith’s Joe Perry at the People’s Choice Awards

Steven Tyler is highlighting REELZ on Saturday, December 11, 2021 at 8 p.m. ET / PT, as part of the network’s new music documentary series, The singers. In this episode, fans learn firsthand how Tyler, born Steven Tallarico on March 26, 1948, grew up in a middle-class Italian family in Yonkers, NY, and became one of rock and roll’s most successful leaders. emblematic and most charismatic. already. Watch several exclusive clips from the upcoming program, Steven Tyler: Aerosmith leader, below.

Aerosmith has sold over 150 million albums worldwide, making them the best-selling hard rock band in US history, thanks to years of touring and significant chart success with classic rock songs like “Dream On,” “Walk This Way” and “Love in an Elevator. Despite – or perhaps because of – the group’s phenomenal acclaim, Tyler’s career has repeatedly gone into a downward spiral caused by drug and alcohol abuse. This prompted group manager Steve Leber to take drastic action. “I fired Steven Tyler. He has hit rock bottom and when you hit rock bottom you can recover, ”he says in the film.

Flanked by Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, Tyler apologized for his behavior after getting sober – and in classic Tyler fashion – he bragged a bit. “For twenty-five years, I lived on the other side of the moon,” he said during an appearance for the People’s Choice Awards. “It took the group, it took everything I loved and I got it back!” “

From the Network Announcement: The documentary reveals the story of a man who admitted to having “lead singer’s disease” as told by those who know Tyler best. Among them is the group’s road manager, Henry Smith, who accused Tyler of never having been sober until he arrived and left the Betty Ford Clinic in 2010. dealing with someone who could dribble and drool. or who can’t put two words together to make one sentence, ”says Smith in the music document REELZ.

Yet every time the leader of Aerosmith fell, he came back even bigger and better than before. Tyler says, “This band has been around for over forty years and the audience is always full of twenty year olds and they all love rock and roll.”

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