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STAYC takes first victory in a music show with “Stereotype” on “The Show”

Rookie K-pop girl group STAYC scored their first victory in a music show with “Stereotype” on The show.

The group managed to score their very first victory on the September 14 episode of SBS MTV. The show. The achievement marks the first time the six-member act has managed to clinch a win on a South Korean music show since their debut in 2020. The other two nominees for this episode included ‘Talk & Talk’ by fromis_9 and PURPLE KISS ” Zombie ‘.

After STAYC received their trophy, all six members had tears in their eyes when group leader Sumin gave a speech thanking High Up Entertainment staff, fans, fellow members and family for their support.

‘Stereotype’ is the first single from the mini album of the same name recently released by STAYC. The release of this record follows two very successful single albums, “STAYDOM” and “Star To A Young Culture”, the first of which arrived in April of this year and featured the band’s flagship track “ASAP”.

During an online press conference held for the release of “Stereotype,” STAYC also revealed that the song was written before its debut. “This is a song that we received when we were chosen for the first line-up,” Seeun said. “It seemed too spoiled for us to keep it to ourselves and we wanted to share it with the fans as soon as possible.”

The track was produced by Black Eyed Pilseung, agency co-founder of High Up Entertainment, and is known for working on hits such as TWICE’s “Fancy” and Chung Ha’s “Gotta Go”.