Music show

Ravetek performed on a virtual music show to raise money for the zoo

Ravetek tells us that he wanted to become an actor, he was a theater artist when he was in school, he did his workshop at the Bhartendu baths academy but as he was more passionate about music he started to learn the dj ‘ing and started hanging out in clubs In 2015 he also told us that when he first attended the Avicii concert in 2015 that day he decided it would be a full time thing for him now and since then he has never looked back.

Coming from a small town of Meerut, he said it was difficult to build trust between friends and family to navigate his career as a DJ/producer in Lucknow.

Ever since he performed at Asia’s biggest music festival Sunburn, he knew this was where he wanted to go.

An initiative of the city’s disc jockey Ayush Singhal alias DJ Ravetek. The event was organized by a Lucknow-based Ngo Aidmatrix Foundation and Lucknow Zoo. The event was streamed live on NGO social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

Lucknow City artists will join hands to perform live at a social media event to raise funds for Lucknow Zoo.

The zoo has been rocked by the financial crisis due to the drastic drop in visitors during the coronavirus pandemic and zoo authorities have also called on people to adopt animals.

Through their live performance, the artists will raise awareness about wildlife safety and the need to help animals.

Ravetek and local artists in the city jointly organized the show for the social cause.