Music series

Port Moody’s Inlet Theater could host a musical series

Two Port Moody promoters are hoping to gain the city’s support for their proposal to host a series of live music concerts at the Inlet Theater starting next September.

The sounds of acrimonious debates at Port Moody’s Inlet Theater may soon be quieted by live music.

The city council returned a request to start a series of live concerts in the city hall, which also serves as a venue for weekly meetings, to staff for further study.

The concerts are the brainchild of Darlene Cooper and Bill Sample, residents of Port Moody and professional musicians who have performed and hosted musical events in Metro Vancouver for 40 years.

Cooper told councilors on Tuesday (December 7) that the loss of the Gallery Bistro to a massive fire in 2019 left a huge hole in the city’s entertainment scene. The tiny Clarke Street restaurant regularly hosted open mic nights and intimate concerts by local musicians and guests.

Cooper said the Inlet Theater’s 159 permanent seats, raised stage and professional sound system could help reinvigorate local concerts in a variety of musical genres such as the Sheri Ulrich Band, Norm Foote or the Port Jazz musician. Coquitlam Jodi Proznick.

“Having a large concert hall would be a real cultural boost for our community,” she said of the series which would begin next September.

Sample added: “People have to travel from Port Moody to listen to live music and that will help change that.”

But to make the six to nine concert series a year economically viable so musicians can be paid and ticket prices remain affordable, the couple told council they would need support like fee waivers. rental and assistance in promoting shows on the city’s website and event calendars.

Under the Port Moody 2022 fee schedule, the Inlet Theater rental fee for one hour will be $ 196 Sunday through Thursday and $ 208 Friday and Saturday. There are additional costs for reception staff as well as technicians.

Com. Hunter Madsen said that in applauding the idea, he was concerned that the city would financially support a paid event, unless the proceeds were donated to a good cause or everyone involved volunteered their services. He’s also worried about finding time in the busy theater schedule which includes board and audience meetings, theatrical productions and films.

Com. Diana Dilworth called the prospect of regular musical concerts at the theater “exciting.” I think it’s going to attract a whole new audience.

Com. Amy Lubik said the series could fill “that hole in our hearts when we lost Gallery Bistro”.

Once staff have completed their report, the idea will be sent back to the board for further consideration at a future meeting.