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ONEUS Earns First-Ever Music Show Victory, Fans Say “Great Things Take Time”

K-pop group ONEUS made a comeback with their sixth mini album, “Blood Moon,” on November 9 and appeared on KBS’s “Music Bank” to perform their track on the November 12 music show. Following their performance for ‘Luna’ (also known as Wolha Beauty), the group recorded amazing responses from fans as they were quickly dubbed ‘the geniuses of the stage’ by giving an undisputed performance One thing that was still imminent was for the band to win their first music show.

ONEUS debuted in 2018, but after several line-up changes as their 2018 debut wasn’t as successful as one might hope, the group came out with their first mini album, ‘Light Us’. which was released in January 2019. ONEUS made not just one but three comebacks in 2019, but the group had yet to win a music show. ONEUS released a single album as well as their fourth mini album in 2020 titled “Lived,” and finally released their first studio album, “Devil” in January 2021, followed by their fifth mini album, “Binary Code.” and now their newest album, ‘Blood Moon’.


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First victory for ‘Luna’, first victory for ONEUS!

This album will certainly remain in the history of ONEUS’ career. ONEUS appeared on MBC’s “Show Champion” on November 17 and earned the first win of his two-year-and-ten-month career after his debut. Since their debut, To Moon’s (ONEUS Fandom) has been doing their best to bring the group to the top so they can win a music show. But now it looks like the group has finally received their recognition.

After the members of ONEUS scored their first victory in their career as a group, they were extremely moved when the six members hugged each other on stage while bursting into tears. Xion, the group’s vocalist said, “I still can’t believe we’ve won first place here since our debut. It looks like a dream. He first thanked his family members and then thanked the staff of RBW, the label that manages the group’s activities. In a special mention, he thanked fans, saying, “…and thank you to the world’s most beloved Two Moons.” RAVN, the group’s lead rapper, also took the opportunity to thank the fans, saying, “Starting with this first place, we will write new and positive history in the future.”

The success of “Blood Moon”

With only two days since the release of their music video for ‘Luna’, ONEUS has set a new record. The music video for ‘Luna’ or, as translated, the ‘Beauty under the Moon’ video surpassed 10 million views within 48 hours of its release and now stands at over 15 million views for the group.

This achievement made “Luna” ONEUS’ fastest music video to register such a high number of views. Not only that, but ONEUS also attracts a lot of fans as their album, “Blood Moon,” has achieved remarkable success. ONEUS’ new album sold over 130,000 copies within three days of its release, surpassing Chodong’s latest records.

Fans congratulate the boys

Fans of the band who survived the band’s ups and downs were more than happy to see the boys earn their first victory. One fan said, “ONEUS is the true definition of ‘Great Things Take Time’. Congratulations on your first victory!” Another fan said, “This is the first time since my debut that I’ve cried ‘SHUT UP WE DID IT IM SHAKING.”

Another fan said, “Of all the ‘almost wins’ in multiple comebacks in 3 years, ONEUS finally got their well-deserved FIRST VICTORY. We’ve come a very long way, y’all!” Another fan noted, “Notice how Leedo looked the calmest and danced happily in his first win? so you remember when dongju said that and you cry.

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