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NewJeans’ ‘Attention’ lands 2 music show wins over Girls’ Generation, fans say ‘even prouder’

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: The summer of 2022 sees stiff competition between the rising popularity of Seventeen and Ateez and iconic groups like Girls’ Generation and Blackpink returning after a long hiatus. But the NewJeans “monster rookies” live up to their title as they have won not once but twice against Girls’ Generation aka SNSD. Along with two music show wins, we got NewJeans’ “Attention” first win against “Girls’ Generation” “Forever 1” on Mnet’s music show “Mcountdown” on August 18.

The win was extra special because “Attention” is co-written by NewJeans member Danielle. And it looks like the new girl group is on a roll as they won their second music show the next day. On August 19, “Attention” and “Forever 1” were again nominated for No. 1 on KBS’s “Music Bank” with NewJeans winning. They also happen to be the second girl group and fourth K-pop group overall to score the highest points on “Music Bank” in 2022 with over 11.1,000 points. Their digital score, airplay score, and physical album score were higher than Girls’ Generation.

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NewJeans tops the charts with debut album (ADOR/Naver)

NewJeans wins against Girls’ Generation

NewJeans’ is HYBE’s newest girl group that debuted on August 1st. They shook up K-pop by releasing four tracks and enjoying instant success. They became the girl group with the highest pre-orders, first-day sales, and first-week sales for a debut album. On their debut day, they were invited by Chanel for an event and a few weeks later they had their first magazine cover with Super ELLE. Their music also seems to be highly regarded as they pulled off the perfect all-kill by topping all South Korean music charts with the single “Attention.”


NewJeans also became the first girl group to top Spotify Korea’s Daily Top Artist Chart. The internet was also impressed that two of their songs took the top two spots on the charts with “Hype Boy” ranking second on the MelOn Top 100, Bugs, FLO and Genie. The album “New Jeans” also topped the Circle Weekly Albums Chart and the World K-Pop Chart.

“Not called monster recruits for nothing”

Fans were proud as they started tweeting like “CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 2ND WINNER!!! I’m so proud of you 🥳 and I’m so curious to know what their encore scene is because Hyein suddenly came out another fan posted, “MINJI WAS SO HYPER, OH MY GOD CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BABIES, THEY ARE SO CUTE.” so proud of you girls.” Another fan flexed, “NEWJEANS ARE NOT CALLED MONSTER RECRUITS FOR JUST THEY ALRDY PROVED IT.” With Girls’ Generation scoring 4,000 points, fans were impressed: ” The gap though. Newjeans are so cool for that.


Another fan added, “They deserve it all! I hope that Danielle will continue to produce because she definitely has talent! look at her, 18 years old already a winner. The girls were amazing even though they were a little nervous for their debut, I’m so proud. One commented, “Congratulations girls! They are doing really well and the negative hit tweets of international Kpop stans are not reflected in real life and it will not affect them. Korea GP loves their music and many celebrities also show their support for their group. Another wrote: “Not to be rude and I LOVE SNSD so much NewJeans won against a really big group aka the national group so I’m even prouder of them for winning this.”



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