Music series

New local music series showcases the best of London’s music scene

On September 15, Rum Runners at London Music Hall performed the first of a 3-show, multi-site, showcase of local music called “London Local Series”. The first show featured a variety of different musical genres, including performances from Softcult, Basic White, Bella Rosa, The Pairs and Texas King’s Jordan McDonald.

Jordan McDonald always puts on a hell of a show as the frontman of Texas King. This is the first time I’ve seen him solo. He put on a great acoustic solo set and was a fantastic start to the night

The Pairs are a 4-piece folk band featuring Hilary Watson and twin sisters Renee and Noelle Coughlin, along with friend and drummer Steve Plimmer. The band aren’t really in my musical wheelhouse, but they’re really talented and put on a great show. You can tell they love being up there and the crowd feels it. They are certainly

Bella Nova was next. The singer performed a set with a drummer and backing instrumental tracks. It would fall under rock/heavy rock, but definitely had a pop influence. The girl is 16 and she puts on a great show. There was clearly local support and fan love there to see her perform.

Basic White was probably the best surprise of the evening. The group knows how to work a scene. They were really fun to watch and looked fantastic. Their sound could be described as classic 70s rock with a bit of a southern vibe. They are clearly having fun when they play and the crowd seems to react very well.

Softcult, from Kitchener, Ontario, had a definite alternative/shoegaze vibe. The songs are extremely well crafted and sound excellent. It’s a band with a tight, cohesive sound and a great stage presence. Based on the fact that they are playing at the Royal Albert Hall next week as the opening act for Incubus; they are on the way to great things.

Area 519 has phenomenal local talent and I can’t wait for more to be highlighted in the next two shows.

London Local Series
rum runners
London, Ontario
September 15, 2022
All photos by David Booth

Photo: David Booth