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Napa’s three-day music series, Sub Rung, wraps up

KARACHI: The National Academy of the Performing Arts (Napa), as part of its ongoing programs, has set up a musical series called Sub Rung from Friday to Sunday.

The event was divided into three parts: on Friday, Kaliyaan featured performances by recent graduates and senior students from Napa’s music department; on Saturdays, classical music was presented by the faculty of the academy in a show called Gulcheen; and on Sunday, a classical fusion concert named Guldasta by the renowned musicians of Lahore was held.

Before the program began, the academy’s general manager, Junaid Zuberi, took the stage and briefed the guests on the spirit of the show.

He also introduced them to sarangi player Dr. Taimur Khan as the new head of Napa’s music department. He added musicologist and author of many books on music Shahid Syed Mohammad is now the department’s adviser.

Performers include senior students, recent graduates, and faculty members

The event was well organized. The young musicians who performed on Friday did a pretty good job. Keeping in mind that they are inexperienced and still learning, some of them did a wonderful job, like an instrumental on bansuri performed by Jagdish Kumar. The young man looked a little nervous and in a hurry to finish his stage performance, but you could feel and feel his passion and love for music. Some of the notes he played were melodious. If he can learn to channel his talent the way it deserves, he has a bright future.

Zeeshan Zafar’s version of Mehdi Hasan’s Yun zindagi ki raah mein was also good. It would be helpful for faculty members to teach young people the difference between a ghazal and a geet (the play was advertised as a ghazal). Not that it matters during the act of singing, but an understanding of the different types of Urdu poetry helps you a lot in finding the right rhythm for a poem.

The show was also embellished with thumris and semi-classical material. A total of 19 performances by 15 artists captured the public’s attention. They warmly applauded the boys and girls who participated in the concert.

The following two days welcomed eminent musicians.

On Saturday, among those performing were Dr Taimur Khan, Ustad Mehmood Ali Khan and Ustad Bashir Khan; and on Sunday, the names of Zohaib Hassan, Kashif Ali Dani and Akmal Qadri were on the list of artists.

Posted in Dawn, May 17, 2022