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Musical series: high school student Lexi Louise releases her first EP

With so many talented musicians across the Granite State, our Summer Music Series continues into the fall. This week’s featured artist is Lexi Klain, known by her stage name as Lexi Louise. She’s a sophomore at Hollis, who recently released her debut EP, Lexi Louise.

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During the pandemic, Klain adapted and started doing shows on her instagram and was inspired by the time of loneliness and isolation.

Klain sat down with All Things Considered host Peter Biello to talk about his new release. Below is a transcript of the conversation.

Lexi Louise (Klain): Glad to be here. Thank you.

Pierre Biello: Lexi, let’s start with the most popular track, according to Spotify. This is the first title of your EP. This is called “Heaven”.

“The sky”: People want more. The sun comes out of the deep black week and falls back into the weight…

Pierre Biello: So let’s talk about “The Sky”. What can you tell me about this song?

Lexi Louise (Klain): Well, this song was written during a very difficult time in my life. I wrote it to cheer me up. At that time in my life, I was very interested in poetry, and I was just starting to get interested in poetry. So I was trying to make this song more poetic than my previous work. And I had lyrics for this song for a while, and I just decided to write it because, you know, I felt really upset most of the time, you know, a lot of teenage angst, a lot of difficulties in my mental health, especially with OCD. So, I wrote this song to kind of tell myself that it wasn’t going to last forever. Nothing is forever and one day the sun will rise for me.

Pierre Biello: You said your parents were big supporters of your music and your dad actually helped you produce that EP. What was it like working with him on this album?

Lexi Louise (Klain): It was really great because it is very supportive. He was a musician all his life, and he always supported me in my dreams of becoming a musician, and he helped me coordinate a lot of things. He taught me a lot about musicianship, chord structure, recording, and being a musician in an industry. And he’s just a really great person to talk to about all of this. I loved what he did with all my songs. He really helped bring them to life on this EP.

Pierre Biello: So when did you start getting interested in music?

Lexi Louise (Klain): Oh, I’ve loved singing since I was really, really young. I got more serious about music when I was around sixth grade after writing my second song called “Coaster”. I just thought, you know what? I’ve always been so passionate about it, a lot of other things have happened in my life. I’m still a kid, I’m still thinking about my life, but I really think that’s what I’m going to do with my life. That’s really what calls me. And I think that was what I was made for.

Pierre Biello: You mentioned the song “Coaster”. Let’s listen to this for a bit.

“Coaster”: News for you that I finally found a new game, oh. News for you that I stay true to myself.

Pierre Biello: You said it was the second song you wrote.

Lexi Louise (Klain): That’s right, yeah.

Pierre Biello: And how old were you at the time?

Lexi Louise (Klain): 12 years.

Pierre Biello: And it’s something you always like to play.

Lexi Louise (Klain): He is. It’s still relevant to my life because it’s a constant lesson in my life to accept who I am and accept the fact that I’m a passionate human being and not everyone is going to like that. that’s what this song is about. . It’s about how many people are frightened by emotionally passionate people. But at the end of the day, it’s something I’m proud of, and it’s something I can channel into my art and I’ll never let go.

Pierre Biello: How do you see your music evolving in recent years?

Lexi Louise (Klain): I became more introspective. I think as a person I tried to broaden my horizons. I learned more about the history of music, and I really found myself as a musician, not just writing whatever comes to mind, writing whatever really speaks to me, and I learned a lot more about myself as a songwriter too.

Pierre Biello: I want to listen to another song on this EP. It’s called “Secrets in My Pocket”. So, let’s listen to this one.

“Secrets in My Pocket”: I can not help thinking of you. I can’t help but run away from my thoughts.

Pierre Biello: So, this is another one that you wrote when you were, I think it was 11 years old.

Lexi Louise (Klain): This is the first song I write. I was barely 11 years old.

Pierre Biello: Wow okay. Can you tell us a bit about your process, how it was set up?

Lexi Louise (Klain): I was kind of experiencing romantic feelings for the first time. It’s a very innocent feeling. It’s a very exciting feeling, and I was also learning the ukulele. So I just thought, you know, why don’t I write a song before dance class? Trying to write a song for me before dance class? And then I got in the car and sang a little bit for my mom and she was like, “Lexi, that’s good. That’s good.” And I’m like, “Hey.” And I just kept going, and I finished it about a month later, and it was just a little love song. I kind of hadn’t noticed how much it would stick with me for the rest of my life, or at least the rest of the last few years at the time. But it’s actually a song that’s very close to my heart.

Pierre Biello: And before I let you go, Lexi, let’s talk about another song. This one is called “My Name”.

“My name”: Aside, I moved, I was too fast, know that nothing lasts, no.

Lexi Louise (Klain): “My Name” was the last song I wrote for this EP, and it was just kind of an isolation song, kind of feeling isolated from a lot of other people in my life. And sometimes I felt like people like to pretend they know you, and they don’t really do that often. And I wanted to write about it because I wrote it right after I felt very left out of my life. I just felt like I was always left on the sidelines. And I wrote this song because I felt like no one really knew me as a person most of the time

Pierre Biello: I will say that the feeling of not being known, of not being known, is certainly not just the high school thing. It is something universal. I was wondering if your songs, because of messages like that, have universal appeal and do you hear adults, people your age, people from all walks of life, talking about your music?

Lexi Louise (Klain): I’ve had people tell me they relate to my music of all ages, really old people and younger people and people my age, my friends. It’s really nice to make someone feel like you’re saying something they feel like they can’t say. Their words, not mine. But you know, I think that’s something that art does for a lot of people in America and around the world and in New Hampshire too.

Pierre Biello: Well, Lexi, thank you so much for coming into the studio and telling me about your music. I really appreciate that.

Lexi Louise (Klain): Thank you very much for having me.

Pierre Biello: Lexi Louise is a musician from New Hampshire and her music is available on Spotify. And you can also find a link to his Instagram on our website, where you can also find all of our Summer Music Series interviews.