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Music documentary RECORDING now available on iTunes, Amazon and other platforms


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RECORDING OF THE CURRENT MUSIC DOCUMENTARY is currently available on iTunes, Amazon and other platforms. For more information on how to view this exceptional document, visit the film’s website HERE

RECORDING IN PROGRESS is a documentary about the creative spaces that produce the music we know and love. This feature film addresses the issues facing not only recording studios in the age of digital streaming, but the music industry as a whole. Are recording studios still needed to record professional sounding music? Where do musicians find themselves capturing their art? How does the financial situation of musicians, in addition to the music industry as a whole, affect studio usage. Are the evolution of technology leading studios to reinvent their economic model? All of this and more is explored in Recording In Progress with interviews from industry veterans like Steve Lillywhite (producer for U2, Peter Gabriel, 30 Seconds to Mars), Steve Albini (engineer for Nirvana and The Pixies), Vance Powell (engineer for Chris Stapleton and Jack White) and musicians like Richard Fortus (Guns’ N Roses).

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RECORDING IN PROGRESS, directed by Justin L. Fisher, is a documentary highlighting the challenges of operating a commercial recording studio in an era of changing technology, changing music industry, streaming media. and the growing prevalence of home studios. The film is produced by Scott Stoltz, Karl Gerhardt, Jeff Porter. Vanessa Roman and Lori Sabo

RECORDING IN PROGRESS shows how musicians currently record and how they use studios of all shapes and sizes.

RECORDING IN PROGRESS focuses on how studios in this market have adapted to make business work in this new climate. RECORDING IN PROGRESS also provides insight into the history and operation of leading commercial recording studios.