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MONSTA X On Achieving Their Most Music Show Wins With “Rush Hour,” Their Upcoming English-Language Film And Album, And More Soompi

MONSTA X recently talked about the successful conclusion of their “No Limit” promotions, their upcoming English album, and more!

On November 19, MONSTA X released their 10th mini album “No Limit” featuring their title track “Rush Hour,” which won first place out of a total of five music shows. The album also topped Hanteo’s weekly album chart, as well as Gaon’s weekly and retail album charts. as well as #3 on Billboard’s Realtime Trending Songs chart.

Regarding the conclusion of their promotions, Minhyuk commented, “Honestly, I don’t think our two-week promotion period is long. I feel like those promotions went by particularly fast, so I think our fans are a bit sorry, and we feel the same way. That’s why throughout our promotions, we’ve done our best to feature a wide variety of things, more than usual. As unfortunate as that sounds, I promise we’ll come back with even better things. I described this album as an overflowing bowl of rice, and I’m grateful to Monbebe [MONSTA X’s official fan club] so as not to let this heat cool. We were also able to carry out these promotions because we had Monbebe. »

IM added, “At the time of the release, I thought, ‘In the blink of an eye, we’ve become singers already releasing their 10th mini album,’ so I said I thought it would be. a very special album, and it really was. I want to thank you for recognizing our endless growth. We will work hard to welcome you always with special albums.

With five music show wins, “Rush Hour” is now MONSTA X’s title track that has won the most trophies. Joohoney shared, “During the promotion of MONSTA X, we won four music shows with “Alligator,” but this is the first time we won five times. When I heard the news, I was stunned because that I couldn’t believe it. Something I’ve realized through these promotions is that we’ve overcome all the times we wanted to give up, and if we’re with Monbebe, there’s nothing we can’t overcome. It’s an emotion that you can’t describe in words. I hope the feelings that I can’t fully express will be conveyed to our fans.

Starting December 13, MONSTA X will join the iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Tour for the third time. Hyungwon commented, “When we first joined the Jingle Ball Tour in 2018, we started being associated with the keyword ‘first K-pop group.’ While we were so grateful and proud of this tag, we also felt like we had become representatives of K-pop, so it was very annoying and we honestly felt a lot of pressure. We went into it thinking we shouldn’t do a performance we’d regret, so our two Jingle Ball tours remain unforgettable memories for us. They were also part of the foundation for MONSTA X’s growth. We’ve prepared a performance that will make you want to see us more, so I hope you’ll give us lots of support.

IM shared, “After the start of COVID-19, this is the first time in nearly two years that we have performed overseas. Even though this is our third Jingle Ball tour, it’s new because we’ve been wanting to perform for so long, and I’m also nervous. I am also grateful and honored to have been invited to participate once again. As K-pop gets love all over the world, I will make sure we come back after showing our coolest side and only showing ourselves well.

Right after the tour, two exciting adventures for the group. Regarding the former, Kihyun explained, “The first thing approaching is the movie ‘MONSTA X: The Dreaming,’ which captures the most honest image of MONSTA X and will premiere on December 8. I heard that all the special pre-release screening events are sold out, but our movie is content that we have prepared very diligently and that our fans are bound to love. I’m sure this will be a viewing you won’t regret. Hope it will become a nice gift for our overseas Monbebe who we couldn’t meet due to various circumstances.

Kihyun added, “After the Jingle Ball Tour, we are also planning a world tour in 2022 starting in New York and moving to Toronto, Chicago, etc. We will welcome you soon with the best performances.

The Second Adventure is MONSTA X’s second full-length English-language album, “The Dreaming,” which will be released on December 10.

Joohoney explained, “As it has 10 songs, I think it will be a lot of fun to listen to. Our first full English album “All About Luv” has received so much love from domestic and foreign fans that people have often told us that it is an amazing album. It’s an album that we thought about a lot because we didn’t want to disappoint them. We know that [our fans] always tell us that we are doing well and that we are the best, but we wanted to show a result that lived up to that. This is an album that fully captures the genre and musicality of MONSTA X, so I hope Monbebes and all listeners are listening carefully.

Finally, each member shared a message to their fans. Minhyuk commented, “I still feel like this, but I wonder if I’m allowed to receive so much love. The love Monbebe sends is always passionate, and I hope they know it keeps me from burning out. We will become a group that Monbebe will never be embarrassed about, so please watch over us.

Kihyun shared, “I mean we will come back healthy and unharmed, so don’t worry too much. Know that no matter where we are, we are always with Monbebe. I promise to show a good image for our December promotions, as well as in 2022.”

Hyungwon commented, “Thank you for always supporting us so that we can take the stage with confidence. We still have a lot of new content and have prepared a variety of promotions, so I hope you don’t feel too sorry. Because we prepared it for all Monbebes. I hope our fans enjoy it.”

Joohoney continued, “We have already reached the beginning of December and the end of the year. Although I can’t believe we’re in the seventh year of our time together, in my flashing memories, there wasn’t a single time that Monbebe wasn’t there. In the future, I want to spend even more time together, and I want to ask you to please take care of me. I love you my baby.

IM commented, “I think ‘Autobahn’ represents my feelings well. I will love you like a highway with no speed limit. The days have gotten much colder, so be careful not to catch a cold and let’s get back to good health.

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