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“Mighty Oak”: a different kind of musical film

When I was given the opportunity to watch the movie “Mighty Oak” on Paramount’s digital screen platform, given my love and passion for music, I felt very grateful. After watching tons of musical movies before, like “Rock of Ages”, “Mamma Mia”, “Valley Girls” and more, I was excited to see what “Mighty Oak” would bring to the scene. I walked in without any expectations – not even fully aware of the film, but I really enjoyed this unique film.

“Mighty Oak” is another type of musical film. It’s not so much a musical as other musical films, but it has the same musical vibe. It is about a 10 year old child named Oak Scoggins whose musical talents give Army of Love, a group whose singer and lead guitarist Vaughn Jackson died in a tragic car accident, the opportunity to put back together and replay music after 10 years. Given Oak’s similar manners and talents, Gina Jackson, Vaughn’s sister and director of Army of Love, begins to think that Vaughn has somehow reincarnated as Oak. With both tears and comedic moments, the film definitely draws audiences in despite some of the quickest scenes and edits.

The film also has a great soundtrack with songs from Coldplay, The Animals, and A Great Big World. Since I’m in a band myself, “Mighty Oak” is a good description of what the songwriting process can really look like – doodles and everything. The diverse cast also brought back fond memories of my childhood given Janel Parrish, previously seen in “Pretty Little Liars” and “Bratz: The Movie”, Carlos PenaVega of “Big Time Rush”, Raven-Symoné of “That’s So Raven” and Alexa PenaVega from the “Spy Kids” movie series are all stars of the film.

“Mighty Oak” features different themes that are relevant to viewers and even help older generations identify and understand younger generations. The film touches on topics such as the loss of a family member and friend, trauma, drug addiction, friendship and love for music. Given the diversity of its actors and characters, the film also appreciates different cultures and different social statuses.

Overall, the movie has a good dynamic and a good relationship between adults and children. With its bizarre, but in some ways truthful and entertaining, realization, “Mighty Oak” is definitely a movie to watch if you have a soul that enjoys rock’n’roll.