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Lowell Summer Music Series has a new director

LOWELL – It’s not quite the Mount Rushmore of event management jobs, but when Lowell Summer Music Series director Kyle Rees left for a job in the private sector, it left an opening for the summit of the prestigious organization of summer concert series.

Carrie Randall, the show’s new director, is just the seventh person in the Lowell Summer Music Series’ 31-year history. Randall has a degree in Events Management and worked on the Lowell Summer Music Series for two seasons.

The sun recently spoke with Randall via email about her experience, her love for the Lowell summer music series, and what she hopes to accomplish in the role. Here are the questions and their answers:

Question: I understand that you have worked with the Lowell Summer Music Series in the past. What can you tell us about this experience and how did it prepare you for this new role?

A: I am so honored to have this new role as a serial director. I first worked for the series in 2019 as an event team, helping to prepare the park for events. I couldn’t wait to come back in 2020 but unfortunately we couldn’t hold the series due to the pandemic. I was delighted to return this year for the 2021 season as Head of Internal Operations, working closely with all departments in the series, which has been of great help in preparing for this new role.

Question: How would you describe this new position? What are your daily responsibilities and how will you and Peter Aucella work together to build the programming for each summer?

A: The position of Series Director requires you to be a jack of all trades. There is a lot going on in the musical series and my responsibilities range from managing contracts with artists and sponsors, ticketing operations, organizing staff and volunteers, general park setup, managing the stage and much more! Peter and I look forward to working with new and well-known artists, creating events for the community and music lovers through lots of brainstorming and management communication.

Question: What’s the first thing you hope to accomplish in this job?

A: The first thing I would like to accomplish in this position is to strengthen our efficiency and our organization with the equipment and the layout of the park. There are always ways to make things faster and easier. I also can’t wait to find some exciting new things to add to the shows in the coming season.

Question: Considering all the challenges of the pandemic and everything in between, what do you think is the most important key to your success in this new role?

A: There are a lot of important things that make a successful series manager, but I would say one of the key things is adaptability. Especially with the pandemic, managers around the world have had their problem-solving skills tested, and it’s important to adapt to any situation that may come your way.

Question: Do you have any information on the artists who will be playing at Boarding House Park? If so, who is the artist of your dreams that you would like to play there?

A: I would have liked to have been cool enough to get a feel for the artists who will play, but if I could pick an artist to play it would be Brittany Howard. She really rock on the electric guitar and it would be a dream to see her in our intimate and unique place.