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“Let the music show us the way and unite us”: Interview with Tore Østby

Author John wins – 3.10.2022

Norwegian guitarist, songwriter and producer Torus Ostby is known for his work with Designespecially in the 90s and with Ark in the early 00s. Since Conception returned to the classic lineup in 2018, Tore has released an EP and a feature film with the band.

Tore is also known for his unique style, mixing progressive skills, flamenco and unique solos. Design released classic albums such as “Parallel Minds” and “Flow” through their partnership in composing songs with a legendary singer Roy Khan.

When the band went out of business in 1998, Tore teamed up with Jorn-Lande create Ark. They released two gems between 1991 and 2002 until the band broke up. After that, Tore was still involved in music, recording, live performances and also worked with artists helping copyrights. He currently lives in Sweden with his wife, a musician Maria Engström Ostby.

Current activities with Design brought Tore back to a calendar full of concerts, new music and the chance to talk more about his career, past and future projects.

This year, the group also releases its first four vinyl albums. New releases have remastered audio and bonus tracks.

Chaoszin got in touch with the artist and had an online chat with Torus Ostby where he talked about his return with Conception, Ark, personal thoughts on his life abroad and what he thinks about his career. You can check out the full video interview below: