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KBS Found Guilty Of Manipulating Music Programs Favoring THE SSERAFIM Over Lim Young-woong

Yeongdung-po police station in Seoul found KBS guilty of manipulating cards for the benefit of LE SSERAFIM The Music Bank win against Lim Young-woong, a very popular trotting and ballad singer, on August 24. The police investigated KBS’s evidence of the scoring criteria of the The Music Bank aired May 13 and found inconsistencies.

The gap was first noticed when the group of recruits from HYBE THE SSERAFIM WITHOUT FEAR won against South Korea’s most popular trotting and ballad singer, Lim Young-woong’s, If we ever meet again May 13.

Viewers noticed a huge discrepancy in broadcast points. Whereas WITHOUT FEAR received 5348 points, If we ever meet again had zero points.

The Music Bank winners are determined by calculating various data points. These include digital music charts, album sales, number of airplays on KBS channels, audience score and social media.

Viewers pointed out the gap, mentioning that it was nearly impossible for Lim Young-woong to receive zero points in the broadcast category. They demanded that KBS publish its method for calculating broadcast points.

Netizens slam HYBE after police find KBS guilty of rigging Lim Young-woong’s scores against THE SSERAFIM

The The Music Bank broadcast on May 13 has become a hot topic in several online forums, especially in South Korea. The SSERAFIM with its first single was vying for the No. 1 position and the victory of the music show. WITHOUT FEAR and Lim Young-woong’s with his latest release, If we ever meet again.

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The K-pop community was in disbelief when WITHOUT FEAR won the victory. The months-long speculation that KBS is abusing its power to favor girl group HYBE came true on August 24.

Many netizens criticized the network company and also accused HYBE of bribing KBS producers and buying the gain. However, a few netizens pointed out that the network channel has had similar controversies before.

K-netizens' comments regarding the police investigation (Image via theqoo)
K-netizens’ comments regarding the police investigation (Image via theqoo)

@panchoa The same company that buys everything and everyone, from media to music shows. No surprises, I knew hybe had to do with these manipulations then we’ll find out they also “bought” the expedition

@panchoa wooseok vs taeyeonkep1er vs nayeonfromis 9 vs nayeonlaboum vs iubut lesserafim the only ones whipped while most boy bands these days who can’t even break into kcharts could easily win against digimons on bcs music bank of broadcast points

How did the KBS LE SSERAFIM and Lim Young-woong controversy arise?

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After the victory of May 13 at The Music Bank, while THE SSERAFIM fandom celebrated the news, much of the internet speculated about a discrepancy in the broadcast points. Overall, the girl group scored 7881 points, and the ballad singer was close behind with 7035 points.

Viewers rallied, demanding that KBS become transparent with its broadcast point calculations. Lim Young-woong is an incredibly famous singer (who ranked seventh in Forbes Korea’s Celebrity Power 2022) and was unlikely to earn zero points.

As the controversy worsened, KBS shared a statement saying that If we ever meet again was not broadcast on any radio, KBS TV or digital content. However, fans dug up the data from the earlier website only to find it was fake.

Moreover, Lim Young-woong’s fandom has long been recognized as the only fandom that no fan of a K-pop group could ever beat.

@taeissogood @dailynaver You underestimated the guy who swept bts and exo fans away in minutes you are obviously a company stan at this point hahaha

In a previous fan voting award, the trotting singer went up against two of the biggest boy bands, BTS and EXO fandoms. The two fandoms combined couldn’t beat the trotting singer, which is a memory still fresh in the minds of the K-pop community.

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