Music series

Kashmir’s first musical series revives the region’s rich musical heritage

To bring Kashmir’s millennial musical heritage to life, young musicians infuse modern melodies with traditional folk. One such effort can be seen in the recently launched first set of coke studio music coke studios in Kashmir, titled “Kehwa Beats”, which showcases the zeal and passion of emerging local musicians for folk music and music. undying love for the Kashmiri language.

Released by Srinagar-based label Kashmir originals, songs performed to Kehwa’s beats are a fusion of folk music with contemporary hip hop and pop music. The music label called it an attempt to protect and revive a rich musical heritage by blending traditional folk with contemporary genres.

The first season consisting of a total of six songs was released on the official YouTube channel of Kashmir Originals which are streamed on international music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, etc. All the songs received an overwhelming response from netizens. Appreciating the efforts of the Kashmiri originals, the locals call it “Kashmir’s own coke studio”.

Borrowing the show’s name from the traditional Kashmiri tea called Kehwa, the songs performed to Kehwa rhythms represent the very essence of Kashmiri folk music. To connect the folk songs with today’s youth, traditional instruments such as Rabab, Sarangi and Tumbakhnari have been skillfully blended with contemporary instruments such as guitars and basses which not only make the song modern but give the real intelligent fusion feeling.

Kehwa Beats takes songs and poems from great names from the past and preserves them using contemporary music. This show reflects the efforts of a new generation of Kashmiri musicians who are overcoming social barriers and choosing music to keep the region’s Sufi identity alive, away from the bullets, bombs and militancy normally associated with Kashmir.

Produced by Kashmir Originals, one can find popular voices and tones of Kashmir’s favorite singers such as Kabul Bukhari, Ishfaq Kawa, Waqar Khan, Sonali Dogra, Master Saqib, Zartashaa Zainab, Rishab Raino and Shahbaz Gul in Kehwa Beats.

The songs featured in Kehwa Beats not only reflect the rich music and language of Kashmir but also send a message of safety and security to the entire nation by displaying a true image of Kashmir to the people of India and of the whole world.