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JTBC to launch new K-pop music show “K-909” next month

South Korean TV channel JTBC has announced the launch of a new music show titled K-909.

On August 1, JTBC unveiled plans for their new music program K-909, accompanied by a teaser video. The network describes the upcoming show as a “global” music show, aimed at K-pop fans around the world.

The accompanying clip outlines the types of artists and genres that will be featured on the show, from K-pop, folk music to R&B. K-909 is set to begin airing in September 2022, although an exact premiere date has not been confirmed.

According JTBC News, the program will aim to open a new chapter in K-pop, in which idols will be able to present new music, special collaborations and new versions of their songs. In addition, K-909 will include documentary-style segments that will follow the artists behind the scenes as they prepare for their performances on the show.

“It’s a shame that the artist scenes pass after less than three minutes,” his production team said, apparently referring to South Korea’s usual weekly music shows. “So we wanted to create a space where K-pop idols can be fully recognized as artists. We are aiming for a different type of music delivery where they can stand out.

In other K-pop news, South Korean Defense Minister Lee Jeong-seop shared yesterday (Aug. 1) before a National Defense Committee that BTS may still be allowed to “continue performing for the national interests” while serving his mandatory military sentence.

This comes amid a debate over whether BTS should be exempt from military duties due to their contribution to Korean culture and tourism. Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister Hwang Hee had requested the boyband’s exemption from compulsory military service last May.