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Jittery Joe’s Collaborates With Athens Bands To Release New Batch Music Series | Eat Drink

Jittery Joe’s released their New Batch Music series on Thursday, October 21 to celebrate the legacy of Athens’ music scene by featuring emerging local bands Monsoon, Lo Talker and The Pink Stones.

The music scene has been a part of Jittery Joe’s history since it opened in 1994. Most of the people who worked at Jittery Joe’s were in bands, sometimes more than one, said Michael Ripps, co-owner and president of Jittery Joe’s. This led Jittery Joe’s to support the musicians of Athens in a more formal way by partnering with groups to help them gain exposure by creating cafe and artwork to represent their music.

Jittery Joe’s started with Futurebirds and grew from there. Since then, Jittery Joe’s has worked with groups as important as Widespread Panic and emerging artists who make up the latest batch.

“Coming out of COVID, we thought it would be great to sort of come back and see what’s going on in the music scene and collaborate with new bands… we wanted the world to know about them,” Ripps said.

Jittery Joe’s team members took to social media to find bands, and some of the band members today even worked at Jittery Joe, Ripps said. The groups were excited to be a part of the project and they worked closely with Jittery Joe’s to decide on the artwork and flavors for the coffee.

“They all tasted coffees and chose the coffees they liked best,” Ripps said. “Some people drank coffees that they remember they really liked when they worked for Jittery Joe’s.”

The Pink Stones chose a dark roast aptly named Cosmic Country Coffee made from Ethiopian, Guatemalan and Nicaraguan beans, which give it a balanced flavor and a smoky finish. Lo Talker chose a medium roast Colombian beans with flavors of spicy chocolate and tangy fruit. Finally, Monsoon chose a light roast named Ghost Roast, which is made with Nicaraguan, Brazilian and Ethiopian beans. It has a sweet chocolate flavor with underlying notes of peanut and cola.

The illustration on the packaging of each roast is a personalized representation of the three bands. The creative design of the bags was left entirely to the band members with technical guidance from Jittery Joe’s advertising company to help perfect the designs, Ripps said.

Jittery Joe’s hopes to continue supporting Athens’ music scene by working and giving voice to more bands and collaborating with venues across the city.

“The more everyone involved in the music industry can work together, the better,” Ripps said. “We hope we can be a part of it. “