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IVE Becomes Fastest Girl Group to Win Music Show, Record 2nd Highest Turnover in First Week

With around 100 bands and artists making their debuts each year in the K-pop industry, it’s pretty hard to keep up let alone stand out. But that doesn’t seem to be the case for the girl groups that debut in 2021. The general public as well as international fans have gone gaga over bugAboo, Purple Kiss and IVE. There are already a lot of pre-buzz girl groups around that have yet to debut like Kep1er and JYPn.

Well, it’s a good day to be an IVE fan in particular. The new girl group debuted on December 1 under Starship Entertainment. Fans were already thrilled for them since it was announced that the frontman would be Yujin of IZ * ONE while another member would be Wonyoung who was also in IZ * ONE. The 6-member girl group made their debut with the release of their single album ‘Eleven’ which performed well nationally, as well as globally on charts like iTunes and Billboard and now has its premiere. Victoire. They were also nominated for their top prize a day after their Seoul Music Awards debut.

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IVE wins first music show

On top of that, IVE earned their first victory in a music show with “Eleven” on MBC’s “Show Champion”. K-pop’s promotional strategy is usually to perform in musical shows that are broadcast nationwide, even with the general public tuning in. Wins in music shows are an added bonus as they allow artists to stand out from the long lineup each week. Due to the loyalty of the fans who made them experts in voting and streaming, it is quite difficult for artists to win, with many popular artists actually getting a victory years after their debut. But that doesn’t seem to be the case for IVE.

This week, IVE was nominated for # 1 on MBC’s “Show Champion”. They were competing against “Peaches” by EXO Kai, “Scientist” by TWICE, “Pirate” by Everglow and “When it Snows” by Lee Mujin ft Heize. And on December 8th, it was announced that IVE had won for “Eleven”. That makes it the fastest win for a girls’ group, seven days since its debut. This record was previously held by Itzy with “Dalla Dalla” in 2019, as it took them nine days from their debut to secure a victory. Therefore, it is not surprising that IVE will set another record in the next few hours.

IVE records highest first week sales for first act in 2021

On December 8, it was reported that IVE’s single album ‘Eleven’ had a total of 152,229 sales in its first week according to Hanteo Chart. Thanks to those numbers, IVE has the highest first week sales for an act that debuted in 2021. On top of that, they have the second highest first week sales for a girl group’s debut album. after aespa. IVE are also the third girl group to hit 100,000 sales in the first week with their debut album, after Blackpink which had 102,000 sales and aespa which had 276,000 sales. Fans find it more impressive since IVE is the only band that is not from a Big 4 label (Hybe, YG, SM, JYPE).

Impressed fans tweeted like “IVE FIRST WIN ALREADY ??? five confirmed super rookies. Another shared:” If I’m not monster rookies for you … they’re nominated for roty on sma in 2 hours after their debut, a single album hitting over 100k and entering the melon 24hits in 3 days … the power they really hold is very impressive. “Fans were also impressed with the Starship rookie groups,” CRAVITY IVE Monster Rookies stuff It should be noted that Starship is home to some of the iconic bands like Sistar, Monsta X and WJSN.

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