Music documentary

I’m making a music documentary

After nearly a decade of working on other people’s projects, I’m finally working on something that is mine!

I’m making a scary movie!!

This project is called: Let’s see if we can do it

this is a low budget tour and music industry documentary film that follows a small band from south florida as they take their first east coast tour also featuring a cast of well-known musicians, producers and industry insiders sharing their stories of comeback touring in the days before signing to record labels or success in the music industry.

it will be a truly immersive experience showing what it’s like behind the scenes of a small band touring the east coast to make a name for themselves and entertain crowds wherever they go.

I couldn’t find a single movie that ever completely scratched the itch I had for a movie like this, so I decided to do it myself.

But unfortunately, after months and months of discussions with potential investors, executive producers and sponsors, and after considering many possible grants, it all led to dead ends, false promises and frustration. I leave it to my friends and family to help make this project a reality!

Also we’re leaving September 14th and will be away for 16 days after that I’ll be doing interviews with people in the music industry and finally I’ll be editing for about 3-4 months straight to get the movie ready for distribution and projection.

It’s been an incredibly humbling experience and very easily the hardest thing I’ve ever undertaken, but if it’s not worth the pain, is it worth it? I do not think so!

But I want to make it fun for the people who support me in this endeavor so that everyone who contributes to the project gets a special thank you in the credits and everyone who contributes more than $20 for every dollar spent that I will return your name to more plus big in the credits, I’m sure this will look ridiculous and I’m excited about it!