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Full trailer for musical documentary “Bruce Springsteen’s Letter to You”

Full trailer for musical documentary “Bruce Springsteen’s Letter to You”

by Alex Billington
October 15, 2020
Source: Youtube

“I am in the middle of a 45 year conversation with these men and women around me.” Apple TV+ has released the full trailer for the music documentary Bruce Springsteen’s Letter to Youyet another Bruce Springsteen doc on music and memories. Springsteen’s letter to you captures Springsteen recording “Letter To You” live with the entire E Street Band, and includes the ending performances of ten originals from the new disc. Written by Springsteen and directed by his frequent collaborator Thom Zimny ​​(western stars, Springsteen on Broadway), the film is a tribute to the E Street Band, rock music itself, and the role it played in Springsteen’s life. Throughout the film, Springsteen shares his thoughts and feelings behind “Letter To You” and places the music in the context of all of his work, part of his trio of films from Springsteen on Broadway and his last doc western stars. I think the B&W suits this doc well, giving it a deep, rustic vibe. It’s not just about music, it speaks directly to we.

Full trailer (+ poster) of Thom Zimny’s documentary Bruce Springsteen’s Letter to Youon Youtube:

Bruce Springsteen's Letter to You Poster

You can still enjoy the trailer for Springsteen’s letter to you doc here, to watch the first look revealed.

A tribute to the E Street Band, rock ‘n’ roll and how music shaped Bruce Springsteen’s life, this documentary captures Bruce reflecting on love and loss while recording with his full band for the premiere times since Born in the USA Bruce Springsteen’s Letter to You is directed by frequent Bruce Springsteen collaborator/filmmaker Thom Zimny, who has worked with Bruce for decades; he has also made music documentaries, including The Promise: Creating Darkness on the Outskirts of the City, The ties that unite, Elvis Presley: the researcherand also The Gift: Johnny Cash’s Journey previously. ‘Letter To You’ is Bruce Springsteen’s first studio album recorded live and with the E Street Band since 1984’s ‘Born In The USA’. The album and accompanying documentary feature newly written Springsteen songs side by side. coast with legendary but unreleased songs. compositions from the 1970s. Apple will release Zimny’s doc Bruce Springsteen’s Letter to You streaming on Apple TV+ from October 23. Who wants to watch?

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