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FREE Documentary Music premiering on VOD and DVD

First Run presents the streaming and DVD premiere of Ryan Camarda’s new Royalty Free documentary: The Music of Kevin MacLeod, starting March 29, 2022.

Royalty Free tells the story of the internet legend whose music became the soundtrack of the digital world. Composer Kevin MacLeod has released thousands of his songs for free and unwittingly become one of the most heard songwriters in the world, with his work found in millions of videos, thousands of films and more than a few odd places – such as theme parks and rocket launches. By releasing his royalty-free music, anyone can use his music in his productions, from Martin Scorsese’s Hugo to YouTube cat videos.

The film also delves into the digital audio revolution, where one person with a synthesizer can become an entire orchestra. This democratization of music has enabled great creativity, but has also threatened the livelihoods of analog musicians, from recording artists to orchestras and Broadway musicians.

Ultimately, Royalty Free is about the value we, as a society, place on creative work, and how the changing technological landscape influences our consumption, production, and distribution of the work itself.

Ryan Camarda cut his teeth as a freelancer, director, DP and producer as well as his stint as an assistant. Producer and editor with martial arts film company 1TEtertainment. His short film, The Craigslist Files: Episode 1 – Donnie and Charlotte, was selected last year as New York’s best film at the 48 Hour Film Project festival. Her short, Departure, was selected for the Melbourne International Student Film Festival.

Watch the documentary trailer here: