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Flovers celebrates fromis_9’s first musical show, winning over 3 years since its debut: K-WAVE: koreaportal

fromis_9 Jiheon during their first victory still at the choice of the show

Six days after the release of their special single, fromis_9 scored the very first win in a music show in her career. On the September 7 episode THE SHOW CHOICE, fromis_9 was nominated alongside former IZ * ONE frontman Kwon Eun Bi and boy group MIRAE.

fromis_9 emerged victorious with a total score of 6867, beating MIRAE with 3900 points and Kwon Eun Bi with 3073 points.

After receiving their very first musical performance trophy, the fromis_9 girls expressed their gratitude to Flovers who have supported them since their debut in 2018. They also thanked their agency and all the staff who helped them prepare for this comeback.

During the encore, the members of fromis_9 couldn’t help but cry with joy for such an important career milestone.

Comprised of Saerom, Hayoung, Gyuri, Jiwon, Jisun, Seoyeon, Chaeyoung, Nagyung and Jiheon, fromis_9 was created as part of the “Idol School” survival program. They made their debut in January 2018 with the title track “To.Heart” under the direction of Stone Music Entertainment.

The road to their first victory was difficult. After their debut, fromis_9 had to promote their first comeback with “DKDK” with just eight members as Gyuri joined Produce 48.

When Gyuri was eliminated from Produce 48, fromis_9 was set to release his first comeback, “Love Bomb”, with all nine members. This time, however, they were now under the direction of another agency, Off the Record Entertainment.

For 2019 and 2020, the band released only one song per year: “Fun (2019)” and “Feel Good (2020)”.

In May 2021, fromis_9 released their second single album “9 Way Ticket” which will be their last comeback under Off the Record Entertainment. Pledis Entertainment announced on August 16 that they will take over management of fromis_9.

Congratulations to the daughters of fromis_9!

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