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Film Score Documentary Trailer Talks About the Power of Cinematic Soundtracks

“The score is the heartbeat of the film.” So said james cameron, an Oscar-winning director who has worked with some of the greatest composers in film history, and he couldn’t be more right. A big part of why we remember cinema’s most iconic scenes is because of the score that accompanies the visuals. Some films are even known without visuals simply because they have such an unforgettable theme.

A new movie called Score: A documentary on film music of the director Matt Schrader dives into what makes cinematic scores so powerful by talking to the best composers in the business. John Williams, Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, Jerry Goldsmith, Howard Shore, Alexandre Desplat and more, all talk about film scores, their importance to the medium, and their love for the work of their colleagues.

Watch the Score: A documentary on film music trailer below.

As you can see, the documentary is a who’s who of famous faces from behind the scenes of the films. Even directors like James Cameron and Steven Spielberg and critics like Leonard Maltin offer their thoughts on film scores, all carried home by the powerful music they all discuss.

Personally, I hope this documentary offers a little more than a superficial look at composing music for movies. What I loved about the trailer was hearing composers talk about the music created by their colleagues, especially how excited Mitchell Leib is when he describes the Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl score as being like Led Zeppelin played by an orchestra.

For the curious, here are the people included in the documentary:

More than likely, at least one of your favorite composers will be featured in this documentary, which is well worth seeking out when it hits theaters this summer. Even if he’s not playing near you, he’ll probably get a VOD version too.

This feature-length documentary explores the emotional power of big-budget musical masterpieces designed to create tension, impress grief or even trigger euphoria in global audiences, offering an inside look at visionary techniques and harmonies. memories of accomplished film composers.

Taking a look at how composers developed some of the most iconic film and television scores in history, SCORE follows the creative struggles of designing a modern soundtrack from the ground up, interviewing some of cinema’s most recognized names in film music as they work.

Score: A documentary on film music will be released in select theaters June 16.