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‘Feelin Like’: Hui joins Pentagon celebrations after nationwide TV first music show win

The Pentagon is garnering a lot of attention for their latest comeback with the release of their 12th mini-album “In:vite U” and debut single “Feelin Like.” ‘Feelin Like’ is an electronic dance-pop single with an addictive chorus and equally fun choreography. And it looks like it’s finally caught the mainstream’s attention as the Pentagon gets the recognition it deserves by earning its first victory in a music show on national television. “In:vite U” also earned them their highest first-week sales with 76.9k copies.

Music shows are an important part of promotions in the K-pop industry as the stages are watched by the general public. It promotes good-natured competitions as points are counted on the criteria of votes, album sales and more and the recent release with the most points wins. With tons of songs released each week, a win means the artist stands out and attracts intrigued new fans. Debuting in 2016, it took more than five years for the Pentagon to land a music show on national television.

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The Pentagon earns its second career victory (@CUBE_PTG/Twitter)

The Pentagon wins on “Music Bank”

‘In:vite U’ happens to be Pentagon’s best-selling album to date. Within 24 hours of its release, the album and title track “Feelin’ Like” topped the charts like MelOn and Bugs. It also performed well internationally as “In:vite U” topped iTunes in 30 countries and reached No. 1 on the iTunes World Albums Chart, making them the first K- pop to do so in 2022. While the K-pop group got their first music show win in 2020, it was on SBS MTV’s ‘The Show’ which is a cable show. And that was without Jinho as he was finishing his compulsory military service at that time.

Well, Pentagon picked up their second career victory with “Feelin’ Like” on Feb. 4 on KBS’ “Music Bank.” They won against IVE Super Rookies with 3426 points. Member Shinwon even cried on stage while shouting at their leader Hui. The musical program is broadcast in a hundred different countries. While other music shows like “The Show” are mostly aired on music channels, “Music Bank” airs on the KBS2 channel which is owned by national public broadcaster KBS.

Hui thanks army fans

And while we did bring Jinho into this comeback, it’s without Chief Hui who is currently completing his mandatory military service. However, that didn’t stop him from joining the celebrations as Hui came online to write a congratulatory message and thank Universe (the Pentagon fandom) for their support. He wrote, “UNIs.. this is.. is this real?? I can’t believe itㅠㅠUNI you really worked hard. I really love youㅠㅠㅠㅠ I’m proud of you. You guys are the best Pentagon Since today is a day of celebration Don’t shout but clap home.

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