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Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Sia expected to make her directorial debut this year with the musical drama Music.

The pop hitmaker co-wrote the script for the film, which was announced at the 2015 Venice Film Festival, as well as 14 songs for the official soundtrack, Music – Songs by and inspired by the movie.

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His two-in-one project suffered multiple delays, and Billboard followed her every move until its release in February in the United States

Check out everything we know (so far) below:

Release dates of films and albums

Music is slated for a special limited IMAX theatrical release in the United States in February and it opens in Australia on Thursday (January 14) via StudioCanal. Music – Songs by and inspired by the movie releases February 12 via Monkey Puzzle / Atlantic.

Songs from the album

Sia released the first single “Together” and its colorful accompanying visual on May 20, 2020, followed by “The courage to change” September 24, which she then carried out at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards.

She released a third single “Hi guy” on November 19, the same day she announced the film’s soundtrack. Sia also teased a glimpse of Kate hudsonthe performance of “1 + 1” December 18. Sia has released a new version of “Hey Boy” featuring Burna boy January 14.

Find the full list of tracks from the album below:

1. “Together”
2. “Hey boy”
3. “I saved my life”
4. “Float in space”
5. “Eyes on eyes”
6. “Music”
7. “1 + 1”
8. “The courage to change”
9. “Play dumb”
10. “Beautiful things can happen”
11. “Lie to me”
12. “Oblivion”
13. “Miracle”
14. The “Hey Boy” feat. Burna boy

Actors in the film and the plot

Oscar-nominated actress Kate Hudson plays Zu, a “newly sober and self-sabotaging drug dealer” who becomes the sole keeper of her autistic half-sister Music, who is played by longtime dancer Sia. Maddie Ziegler. As Zu struggles to take care of the music, she turns to her friendly neighbor Ebo, who is played by Hamilton Star Leslie Odom Jr., to help.

Autism controversy

Sia faced severe backlash from the autistic community in November after choosing Ziegler for the role over an autism spectrum actor. “Grrrrrrrrr. F – kity f – k why don’t you watch my movie before you judge it? FURY ”, the singer“ Chandelier ” wrote in a tweet since deleted shortly after revealing the trailer.

She developed further Controversy to Australia Sunday project this month, stating, “I mean, it’s ableism too, I guess, but it’s actually nepotism because I can’t do a project without it.” [Ziegler]. I do not want. I wouldn’t be doing art if it didn’t include it.

The teaser

A teaser for the film debuted on November 19. Take a look below: