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Dr. Dre Secretly Works on Scripted Apple Music Show “Vital Signs”

Dr. Dre is reportedly helping Apple Music expand into the world of original video programming with a new series titled Vital signs, with the Compton rapper as executive producer and star of the six-episode series. According to Hollywood journalist, each episode of the dark, semi-autobiographical Vital signs plunges into one of the rapper’s emotions.

Film on Vital signs reportedly took place Monday and Tuesday with an explicit orgy scene at a Los Angeles mansion. Actors Sam Rockwell and Mo McCrae are among those who star alongside Dre in the cast.

Music video veteran Paul Hunter directs the scripted series, each episode lasting 30 minutes. Like Netflix’s scattering of the original programming, it is expected that all Vital signs‘The episodes will be arriving simultaneously, although no premiere date has been set. It is also not clear whether Vital signs is exclusive to Apple Music or will be available on other Apple properties, such as Apple TV and iTunes.

Vital signs would be Apple Music’s first foray into original video programming; the streaming service previously created Taylor Swift’s 1989 concert film, and a visual component was added to DJ Khaled’s new Beats 1 radio show. Hollywood journalist adds that it was Dre who introduced his TV series to his Beats co-founder, Jimmy Iovine; the two sold their Beats Electronics to Apple in 2014 for $ 3 billion.

In addition to Vital signs, Dre is also the host of his The pharmacy Beats 1 show.