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Demola to Launch New Music Documentary Series from Ukiah: Exclusive

A new documentary series from Ukiah “Ignite the Music” spotlighting incredible artists and industry players, starting with Nigerian-born Demola the Violinist.

Ukiah is known for its unique ways of bringing music to people with its line of propane fire pits with Beat to the Music technology. The company knows how much music means to the moments in our lives, and with their documentary series Ignite the Music, they seek to give back by uplifting emerging artists and giving them a new way to share their stories.

On September 30, the series will begin with the story of Demola. Ademola-born artist Daniel Babafemi, 29, moved from Lagos to Houston, Texas in 2014 to pursue his career as a violinist. But it’s not a recurve or country archery; Demola’s music mixes Afrobeats with pop and hip-hop to create a unique sound designed to connect with listeners from all corners of the world.

“I like to make people happy. I want people to feel good,” Demola says in the first trailer for her documentary Ignite the Music. “It brings that jazz, afro-jazz, afrobeats sound back and expresses it to the world.”

See how Demola ignites the music by watching the trailer above. Then be sure to check back on September 30 when Ukiah’s Ignite the Music documentary series makes its full debut.

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