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DAYS LIKE THESE… with DIESEL – A new musical documentary series arrives tonight on ABC TV PLUS

Days Like These… with Diesel is a new documentary series revisiting some of Australia’s most memorable gigs.

The 12 episodes animated and narrated by a musician Marc Lizotteaka ‘Diesel’, use a compelling mix of archival footage and new interviews to revisit some of Australia’s most defining gigs and uncover the intriguing stories behind them.

Each episode recounts an exceptional and unforgettable concert and what made it so special. By talking to the people who were there; band members, tour managers and musicians from other bands.

Mark explores the unique circumstances that led up to each of the featured concerts and finds out why they became such memorable events.

Among the first episodes, we see Jet performing in front of a local audience after a long period of touring abroad; the farewell concert hunters and collectors; baby animals celebrate 25 yearsand anniversary; Angels hypnotize Narara’s audience; Diesel takes the stage with his family; high voltage performance by rose tattoo in the unusual place of Boggo Road Gaol, and jimmy barneswho overcame a heart attack and heart surgery, putting on a remarkable show at the Sydney Opera House.

Jet (image – provided)

Contributors to the series read like a roll call of “who’s who” in Australian music and include Rose Tattoo’s Anderson angryCooler Iva DaviesEurogliders’ Grace Knight, Troy Cassar-Daley and baby animals Suze De Marchi.

Through Mark’s exceptional understanding of songwriting, performance and music history –

combined with a healthy dose of curiosity, irreverence and wit, viewers are transported on a memorable journey of musical discovery.

Eurogliders (image - provided)
Eurogliders (image – provided)

They will be able to relive incredible concerts – almost in their entirety – and hear the memories of the people who were there, including the fascinating behind-the-scenes circumstances that combined to create those special nights.

A day like this… with Diesel was produced and directed by Frank Chidiac of Beyond Entertainment. He comments:

“We are thrilled that this incredible journey through Australian live music history has been completed and is about to air on ABC.

Diesel proved to be an exceptional host and narrator. His understanding of the music industry and his ability to talk musician to musician allowed us to capture wonderful new ideas and stories that would otherwise not have been available for production.

Marc Lizotte added:

“Days like these…with Diesel have been an absolute pleasure and honor to host. The series brings together some of the most iconic Australian bands of decades past, helping to define our country’s recent musical past and celebrating moments important in their concert history.

Days like these… with Diesel was co-produced by Beyond Entertainment with Bloodlines Music. Warren Costello is the creator and Warren and Dean McLachlan are the executive producers of Bloodlines Music.

The series was executive produced and directed by Frank Chidiac, with fellow producers Martin Fabinyi and Mikael Borglund serving as executive producers for Beyond Entertainment.


  • 01 Jet – The Forum (2004)
  • 02 Baby Animals – 25th Anniversary (2016)
  • 03 Hunters and Collectors – Selina’s (1998)
  • 04 Angels – Narara (1983)
  • 05 Diesel – The Underground (2004)
  • 06 Rose Tattoo – Boggo Road Jail (1993)
  • 07 Jimmy Barnes – The Opera (2009)
  • 08 Eurogliders – The Hordern (1984)
  • 09 Archie Roach – Into the Bloodstream (2012)
  • 10 Cooler – Melbourne (1988)
  • 11 Troy Cassar-Daley – Seymour Center (2010)
  • 12 Cold Chisel – Ringside Horden Pavilion (2003)

Days Like These… with Diesel will premiere on ABC TV Plus (and ABC iView) at 8:30 p.m.

Episodes 1-7 will take place in May/June, with the rest of the series set to air starting in September.