Music series

Colusa Arts Council Compete for Live Music Series Funding

September 17 – As part of its efforts to continue to bring an enriching assortment of art to the community, the Colusa County Arts Council competed for a multi-year grant to fund a live music series at Veterans Memorial Park in Colusa .

Local residents can vote for the Colusa County Arts Council’s proposal for a Levitt AMP grant until Wednesday at 5 p.m. as part of the 2023-2025 Levitt AMP Music Series.

Voting can be done in two ways — online at or by texting “VOTECOLUSA” to 1-866-267-2023.

On Friday, the Colusa County Arts Council’s proposal was ranked 26th in the Levitt Foundation’s rankings.

According to council officials, the proposal was submitted in partnership with the Town of Colusa and the Colusa County Arts Council.

“The town of Colusa has been the pride of the county and the economic epicenter of the farming community for many years,” council officials said. “Unfortunately the past few years have seen a decline in community pride due to the stress of the global pandemic, but more specifically the stress of being a rural community in a world under pressure from climate change and falling agricultural prices. .”

Council officials said the Levitt Amp Your City Concert Series would go a long way in restoring community pride, as citizens of Colusa Town and Colusa County could come together to simply enjoy a park and get together. connect with their neighbors.

“It would give residents a chance to connect with music and relieve nostalgic moments from the past, discover new beats, or be transported through a new cultural experience,” officials said. “Having an event they can be proud of can also encourage residents to invite out-of-town friends and family to visit their municipal park. It is especially important to give our underprivileged community the opportunity to experience music that they could not access without leaving the surrounding area. A privilege that is generally reserved only for a privileged few.

Council officials said they also hope these live musical events at the Veterans Memorial Park in Colusa will inspire the community to invest their time in the city’s future park beautification efforts.

“At present Memorial Park is pleasant, and most people pass it every day without thinking of stopping to enjoy it, because although ‘pleasant’, it lacks any spark, especially since it is This is one of the oldest and most important parks in the city,” council officials said. “People who pass or drive by without wanting to stop are even sadder, as this space is used to connect the memory of the brave men and women in our community who fought for us.”

Since 2011, Colusa Veterans of Foreign War Post No. 2441 members have worked to preserve the stories of local veterans by constructing several memorial walls lined with bricks engraved with the name, rank and branch of service of the more than 1,000 veterans local fighters dating as far back as the First World War.

By using the space to host a series of live music, council officials said they hoped to connect to local history while providing a place for art to further develop within the community and bring economic development essential to businesses in the historic district near the park. .

“Their pride in the surrounding park will hopefully be reflected in their businesses, especially as it helps draw a wider audience to this part of town,” council officials said. “The events will breathe new life into bars and restaurants that continually struggle to stay afloat. It will give the people of Colusa a chance to show off its hidden gem status.”

Established over 30 years ago, the Colusa County Arts Council encourages the arts by elevating local artists and exposing the local community to the wider arts world from outside its community boundaries.

“The mission of the Colusa County Arts Council is to provide a county-wide arts program that will enrich all cultural groups in the community,” read a statement released by the council. “We strive to bring visual, fine and performing arts. We encourage and help develop local artists. We strive to provide viable educational arts programs. Above all, we want to give a voice to the diverse cultures of Colusa County.”

Since its inception, the council has been involved in a number of community engagements, including its Anchor Artist program, participation in the Colusa County Fair, Art Camp and Summer Street Dance, in plus being involved with the current Concert in the Park series. .

“Due to the rural nature of the county’s location, it is critically important to bring a bit of the world to the people of Colusa and foster local art,” council officials said. “The current concert in the park is a great way to allow community members to connect with art that they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. It is especially important for the severely disadvantaged community in the town of Colusa, for many, it’s their only chance to attend a concert.Expanding the programming would allow us to have access to a greater variety of talent.