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Clint Eastwood’s country music film co-starred with his son

Two years later Clint eastwood team up with Merle Hagard for “Bar buddies”, the actor and director returned to country for Honkytonk man, a drama set during the Great Depression and loosely based on the life of a country singer Jimmie rodgers.

The film, directed by Eastwood and based on the novel of the same name by Clancy Carlile, centers on Red Stovall (Eastwood), a country singer-songwriter determined to perform at the Grand Olé Opry before succumbing to tuberculosis.

The heart of the film is Red’s friendship with his nephew Whit, played by Eastwood’s real son, Kyle eastwood. Whit helps his often drunk uncle get to Nashville while driving Red’s Lincoln Model K from Oklahoma, Tennessee.

In terms of country music movies, Honkytonk man do his homework. Department prices appears in the film and stars with Johnny Gimble & The Texas Swing Pioneers, while Shelly West and David Frizzell portray Grand Olé Opry singers. But the film is best known for being Marty robbins last appearance before his death in December 1982. Robbins performed Smoky, a session singer who succeeded Red Stovall when he had a coughing fit while recording “Honkytonk Man”.

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To throw

In addition to Clint and Kyle Eastwood, the film stars John McIntire (Grandpa Wagoneer), Alexa Kenin (Marlene Mooney aka Marlene Moonglow), Verna Bloom (Emmy Wagoneer) and Barry Corbin (Arnspriger).

Filming locations

Much of the film was shot in Calaveras County, east of Stockton, California. Parts of Honkytonk man were filmed at Bird’s Landing, California. The scene where Whit brings Red out of jail was filmed in Dayton, Nevada, near where parts of the west of Marilyn Monroe and Clark Gable The marginalized was filmed.

Soundtrack of “Honky Tonk Man”

Despite the fact that “No Sweeter Cheater Than You” was nominated for a Razzie Award for Worst Original Song, the film’s soundtrack stands the test of time, with Ray Price, Carrier trolley, John anderson, Marty Robbins, Johnny Gimble and the Texas Swing Band, David Frizzell, Shelly West, Linda Hopkins and more.

The soundtrack further proved Eastwood’s musical skills with “When I Sing About You”.

This article was originally published in May 2020.