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Cerys Matthews to host new music show for BBC Radio 4

Cerys Matthews will present a new music show for BBC Radio 4 as part of expanded artistic programming, which will also see a longer airtime for Front Row.

dd To Playlist will be presented by broadcaster and singer Matthews, as well as writer, teacher and host Jeffrey Boakye.

The station announced three new arts programs, while the flagship Front Row show will be extended to 45 minutes.

Each week, presenters and Add to Playlist guests will create a track-by-track playlist, linking each track to the next with their own knowledge of musicology, music history and a touch of music. serendipity.

Matthews said, “I am very honored to launch Radio 4’s brand new music series with Jeffrey.

“It will be a real mix of musical styles and tastes, with listeners taken on a journey through the history of music and the way it is interconnected.

“I hope listeners enjoy the ride, discover something new, and maybe develop their own personal playlists.”

Boakye added, “I am absolutely delighted to be part of this series, which I know is going to be incredibly special.

“Cerys and I both share such a deep love for music, and this is the perfect platform for us to bring that passion to BBC Radio 4 listeners.

“‘Excited’ doesn’t even begin to cover it up. I can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on.

A new film show, Screenshot, will be co-hosted by Ellen E Jones and Mark Kermode and take listeners on a journey through film and screen culture, while This Cultural Life, hosted by John Wilson, will feature in-depth interviews with the most important arts practitioners working today.


Mark Kermode to present a new movie screening (Victoria Jones / PA)


Mark Kermode to present a new movie screening (Victoria Jones / PA)

Starting in the fall, Front Row will air Monday through Thursday for an extended 45 minutes, up from 30 minutes previously, with two regular hosts, Samira Ahmed and Tom Sutcliffe.

It will feature more regional coverage, as well as interviews and guests from across the arts industry.

Each Thursday, the program will focus on critiques and critiques of major new openings, publications and artistic events.

BBC Radio 4 controller Mohit Bakaya said: “The arts matter. At all times, but especially during times of uncertainty and change, culture provides an important lens that helps deepen our understanding of the world around us.

“However, the way we consume and experience arts and culture is changing.

“I would like our artistic program to be even more ambitious and intellectually curious.

“New film and music shows will explore our evolving relationship with these two important genres due to the changing digital landscape and wonderful opportunities for discovery, as well as fascinating new connections between past and present.

“The enlarged Front Row will keep listeners in the UK’s most important cultural activity.

“There will be more space for coverage and review of contemporary film releases, in particular, but also a more in-depth exploration of the worlds of performance art, visual arts and literature.

“Finally, This Cultural Life will do for the arts what Life Scientific has done for science – giving us an in-depth look at what ticks our primary creative minds.”