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Canada Council presents the Ed Perzel Chamber Music Series | arts and entertainment

The Ed Perzel Chamber Music Series presents the first concert of its winter season on Sunday, January 23. Series favorites pianist Bair Shagdaron, cellist Ellie Wee and violinist Nancy Bargerstock will perform Brahms’ Concerto in B major and other classical selections.

The series began in 2018 when founder Ed Perzel recognized community interest in having additional classical music as part of Arts Council programming. After Ed passed away last year, committee members proposed that the series be named in his honor.

During the winter months, the warmth of the Arts Center space and the music provide a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The name “chamber music” describes exactly what it is: music composed for musicians and their audiences, all of which can fit into a palace chamber or home, rather than a concert hall.

Chamber music requires musicians who have particular skills – musical and social – since each carries a single part. There’s no hiding a mistake in the middle of a large violin section. The most popular works are for piano, violin and cello; string quartets are also familiar to most audiences.

Because the group of musicians is small, the performance space is small, and the audience is generally small, chamber music is often referred to as “friends’ music”. Join your friends for the Ed Perzel Chamber Music Series concert on Sunday, January 23 at 2 p.m. at the Ashe Arts Center.

This concert was made possible thanks to the support of George and Allmuth Perzel. Tickets are $16 adults, $5 students and can be purchased at For more information, send an e-mail to [email protected] or by calling (336) 846-2787.