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C13Originals Launches “Long May They Run” Musical Documentary Podcast Series

Created, directed and produced by C13Originals, and hosted and written by Dean Budnick — veteran music journalist, editor of Relix review, author and filmmaker — each season of That they run a long time will explore the greatest, most successful, trailblazers, touring and iconic bands of all time, whose communities and followers grow with each passing decade, who have a deeply rooted and emotionally intimate connection with their fans, and who don’t tour just to promote an album, but tour for the sake of touring. Told by those who are immersed in the world of music, from insiders to fans to musicians, each season of That they run a long time will consist of a group, each episode focusing on a topic related to its culture, pioneer, history and influence. This groundbreaking documentary series will give fans and listeners unprecedented insight into the impact of carefully chosen artists.

That they run a long time, Season 1: Phish, which features new interviews with the band members and the music of Phish, will explore how Phish revolutionized the music industry, highlighting all the areas the band has helped to innovate, from l self-produced multi-day music festivals that have created a model for events like Bonnaroo to ticketing initiatives that have disrupted the status quo at unprecedented streaming companies. The series will also explore the Phish’s unique relationship with his dedicated audience, his lasting impact on the concert industry, and the many avenues they have forged. With over seventy-five interviews — including the voices of the band members—That they run a long time, Season 1: Phish will provide listeners with a rich, textured portrayal of a band that pioneered an entire industry on many impactful and important levels, in their own words.

That they run a long time, Season 1: Phish will launch on September 18, 2019 with episodes one and two on Apple Podcasts, RADIO.COM, Spotify and wherever podcasts are available, with new episodes available every Wednesday throughout the season. Listen to the trailer and subscribe to the series here:

“Our vision was to create and give music fans a franchise unlike anything that has been done in podcasting. We believe that That they run a long time accomplishes exactly that and will provide an experience that will take Phish fans, and music fans in general, to the next level, and redefine what can be done in this space, ”said Chris Corcoran, Content Manager, Cadence13. “Dean is an astute and compelling storyteller and interviewer, and few bands have the musical and cultural impact of Phish, which made him the perfect choice for the first season.”

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to share these stories in this format,” said Dean Budnick. “Phish is such an innovative group and many of the group’s pioneering efforts have been overlooked or nearly lost in history. It has been a pleasure working with the C13Originals team to shine a light on their far-reaching legacy.”

Over ten episodes in The first season, Budnick and his guests will explore a wide range of topics including: the music festivals of Phish, including The Clifford Ball and Big Cypress, and the significant impact that the Phish festivals have had on Bonnaroo and others. events; the personal and professional legacy of the former musical director of Paradigm Chip Hooper, the renowned booking agent who helped Phish secure his independence through deals he made with Ticketmaster and sites across the country; the group’s pioneering efforts in cyberspace, which resulted in creating an environment where fans can now congregate and travel to show via “Couch Tour”; the art of Phish, their Jim pollock-design of posters, tickets and merchandise for art fans; why the group continues the tradition initiated by the Grateful Dead of allowing candles during their concerts; the group’s activism through its Waterwheel Foundation and beyond; Phish’s famous Halloween shows, in which they don a “musical costume” and perform another artist’s entire album; Phish’s ethic of taking music but not themselves seriously, and the many gags the band are known for, from their annual stunts at their legendary New Years performances at Madison Square Garden to the trampoline they bring on stage to the void played by the drummer Jon fishman; references to Phish in pop culture, including The simpsons, Office and Parks and recreation; the beginnings of the group in Vermont; and more.

That they run a long time feature over seventy-five interviews with a wide range of key players and music industry insiders, including new interviews with band members; Blues Traveler singer John popper and other artists who cite Phish as an influence; members of the Phish fan community; authors; artists; lighting designers; tour operators and others. Guests include former longtime Phish manager John Paluska; original co-manager Ben Hunter; legendary music promoter Ron Delsener; famous rock photographer Danny clinch; Bonnaroo and Superfly co-founders Rick Farman and Kerry Black; Paradigm Agency Music Director Dan Weiner; Phish “first fan” and longtime friend of the group Amy skelton, known for hosting the legendary ‘Amy’s Farm’ show; Gregg Perloff, CEO, APE; longtime Phish poster designer Jim Pollock; the founder of the Governor’s Ball, Tom Russell; Phish’s tour manager, Richard Glasgow; and NBA legend Bill Walton. In addition to new interviews with the band and other guests, the series will also include exclusive archival interviews that Budnick conducted with Gregg Allman and others that have not been released so far.

Considered by many to be America’s best live performance, each Phish concert is a unique experience, unlike any that have come before or will follow. Almost forty years together, Phish remains one of music’s greatest draws. In 2017, Phish made history playing The baker’s dozen: thirteen consecutive concerts at Madison Square Garden, without ever repeating a song. A banner commemorating the feat is permanently suspended from the rafters of the arena. From their first newsletters to the LivePhish app, the group anticipated the direct engagement of today’s fans, while also interacting with fans during their live performances via on-stage chess matches that enabled the audience to play the group, a “secret language” of special musical clues and a “Big Ball Jam.” The group’s management and support team is made up of aberrants and innovators whose work continues to resonate with the live performance industry.

C13Originals is the division of Cadence13 focused on original storytelling and IP roster development through a new high-end in-house production studio and the makers of the best podcast series. Root of Evil: The True Story of the Hodel Family and the black Dahlia and white-collar criminal docuseries Gangster capitalism.

Dean Budnick is the editor-in-chief of Relix, a popular music publication. Budnick covered the live music scene for over two decades, reporting for Display panel, Variety and Hollywood journalist. In 2002, he established and edited the Official Bonnaroo Festival Journal, while working on similar trade publications for Phish, Dave Matthews Band, LOCKN ‘and Fare Thee Well. He is the co-author of Blues Traveler frontman that of John Popper memory Sucking and blowing: and other stories I’m not supposed to tell as good as Ticket Masters: The rise of the concert industry and how audiences got scalped, which tells the untold story of the modern concert industry.

Download photo of Phish singer / guitarist Trey Anastasio being interviewed for That they run a long time by host / writer Dean Budnick at C13Originals studios and the cover of the series here:

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